10 web designs trends in 2020 you need to have a look into.

June 19, 2020
10 web designs trends in 2020 you need to have a look into

With the evolution of time, web design trends are also constantly changing. Till now, we have come across many web design trends that prevail a huge benefit to the websites. Today, designers are experimenting with extreme designs, reinventing old styles and trying out new techniques to stand out from the crowd.

The agenda for all the websites today is to deliver their messages with more clarity and creativity, thus, they are trying their level best to build a website that generates more and more audiences. If you are a professional web designer and want to know more about the latest web design trends in 2020; web design Mississauga is something to have a sneak peek right now. Although we have listed below some of the major web design trends that you can look into:

Say hello! to Dark Mode

You won’t deny the fact that dark colour is something that we all fall for. similarly, for the web designs too, you can opt for a dark mode that influences most of the audience and is absolutely attractive. The dark web designs are not only ultra-modern, but they are also easy on the eyes and boost the design to be more prominent. Dark themes are also better for saving power and extends the screen lifespan; also they improve the visibility of the other colours.

Imperfection is the new-perfect

Believe us or not, hand-drawn design elements grab the attention of the users more than usual. Adding some imperfect and hand-drawn designs showcases realness and inject emotional connection between the users and the websites. They are unique and creative, and also make you look out of the box and enhance your brand personality. This rebellious trend is already accelerating so; just flaunt your imperfections by opting the imperfect web designs.

A touch of 3-D elements


People feel always delighted when they come across the 3-D visuals. Why not, after all, they directly allure everyone with its effects. Back in the times, it was quite expensive and was a hunchback for web designers to create 3-D designs, but now with the help of technology, it has become easier for the web designers to create a website filled with 3-D elements that not only enhances the look of your website but also attracts the attention of the users and engage them for longer period of time.

Adding Layers, Soft Shadows and Floating elements


This is something that is all about creating depth just like the 3-D elements. Adding layers and soft shadows will provide your web page with a 3-D lite look and make it more interesting. These elements are not only limited to the graphics but you can also use this effect with photos or the texts.

Some mixing and matching of photos and graphics

If you want to create a memorable effect then this is something you can definitely try. this effect will help you create a memorable visual that also allows your creativity to expand. This is one of the versatile trends which is used by most of the web designers in order to add a feather to their cap. For making this effect more significant don’t forget to match the style of illustrations and the graphs with your brand personality which will enhance the look even better.

Solid frames filled with white space


Solid frames with white background layout are part of trending web designs from quite some time now and have immensely created hype. Web designers are gravitating towards the solid frames with the white space to provide their designs more prominent structure. Framing plays a significant role to provide a more attractive look at your website. Neatly structured solid frames create a satisfactory feeling and allows users to prioritize the different parts of the web pages.

Splitting the-Screen into sections

This web design is the perfect choice for the ones who have more than one idea to convey but still wants to keep an organized look. Splitting the screen into halves will help you convey different things with ease also in an organized manner. You can make use of asymmetry designs and can mix some scroll effects while they move sideways at a different pace.

Try some grid and windows

For the ones who love to be systematic, grid and window web designs are something that you definitely try. With the help of a grid and windows, you can split the screen into various sections and direct the users to the desired reading section. Earlier these were used to showcase the behind-the-scene, but now they are used for creating an intriguing website to highlight the segmentation of the websites.

Radiant or shimmery colour scheme


We have seen many colour schemes that have existed to date and web designers never turn back while experimenting with the colour scheme. Today, web designing has become more bold and daring, they are inducing into the gradient and shimmery colour schemes just to make their website look more attractive and eye-catching. Using the neon colours on the dark highly captivate and triggers the glance of the users and provides your website with a vivacious visual.

Use minimalist navigation

Use Minimal Navigation

Today, everyone is using wearable devices just like smartwatches and many more for ease. Thus it is important for web designers to frame a design that is smaller than usual. Navigation has become totally simpler than that in the earlier times. Creating minimalist web designs is the new demand for web designers. With the help of large-scale photos, you have a chance to impress your users more often.


The change in technology is constantly blooming giving more challenges to all of us. With this, it is also becoming more complex for web designers to leave a vivid impact on the users with their effective and creative websites. Thus, following the new trends will let them generate more users as well as earn profit for their business. You can opt for any of the above-mentioned web designs to change the outlook of your website and stand out from all your competitors.