5 Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing.

July 17, 2019
5 Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing

Video has taken content marketing by storm and there’s no secret that it’s getting even more popular. Think about it, YouTube is a well-known search engine, second only to Google. Video marketing should be in the front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

We have researched and brought 5 reasons for you to include video in your content marketing strategy:

• High Demand- Most people prefer watching video over any other form of content. Optimized video content lowers mobile consumption, making it accessible to everyone. With the help of videos, your brand can reach the targeted audience through smartphones and tablets. Creating videos like behind the scenes can grab the attention of your viewers instantly.

• Easy Engagement- Let’s be honest, what would you rather do? Read an extensive article or watch a video for the information you want. Most likely, you too will choose the second option. The ease that video gives while providing the necessary information has made it a number 1 choice amongst the consumers. The best part about this is not only will your consumers engage with your brand, they may even share and comment. Video content helps in engaging with your audience without any reading done on their part.

• Increase Your Visibility- Internet has helped many brands reach new heights but most of the time, brands put stagnant content for their consumers and this aren’t received well. Through a video, you can be a storyteller, draw your audience’s attention. The best thing about video content is that your consumer can share this with a click of a button, thus you can reach more number of people. The time spent on your video will ultimately signal search engines that your site has useful content which will help in your search engine ranking too.

• Track Your Results- Not many prefer going through a blog post, some may even find reading blog uninteresting. Unfortunately, you can’t measure this through traditional forms of content. With video content, you can easily track what kind of video your consumer prefers. This way you can track the individual video and create a better content.

• Emotional Connection- If done correctly, video can evoke emotions. You can, in a subtle way, connect with your consumers and create a stronger bond with them. Thorough research can help you create a powerful content. Evoke your audience with face expressions, tone of voice and music.

These are just five reasons but once you dabble into video marketing, you will have many more reasons to understand its significance in your marketing strategy.

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