Add Navigation Menu To WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Many WordPress themes have pre-defined menu, locations and layouts. You can easily create custom navigation menus in these themes as well. In this blog, we will share how you can effortlessly add more navigation menus in your WordPress theme. Step 1 – Create a Child Theme You’ll need to create

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3 Best Practices for Amazing Web Designs in 2019

First impression is the last impression, this statement stands true for your web design too. Creating a good web design refer to Web Design in Mississauga is the most critical part of gaining your audience’s attention. In a matter of seconds, your visitors can decide if your website is worth engaging. Doesn’t

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What is Isomorphic JavaScript and How can it Help?

When you open a web page or a mobile application, there are many things happening behind the scene. The browser as well as the server sends request to provide webpage to us within matter of seconds. Most of the time developers choose to interpret the server side pages and many prefers

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How To Import Bulk Products In Magento?

Importing products in Magento can be monotonous sometimes herculean. Exporting and importing files to and fro can really get to your nerves plus it takes forever to get things done. Although it can be a massive task, which can sometimes be a drab but you cannot be sloppy with it.

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5 Best Plugins For Your WordPress Website

When it comes to developing a WordPress website, one can get confused over numerous plugins but too many plugins can actually increase the load time of your web design in Brampton. So how can you use plugins in your favor without overwhelming your site? Many a times you must have heard

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Website Ranked on Google

How to get your website ranked higher on Google?

Improving Google rank doesn’t depend only on the money you put for your site but also on the time and strategy. Without any lead generation, nobody can find you and if they do, there is only a 30% chance of getting clicked. Thus, being on the first page is crucial

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