Are you sending too many emails?

You are all set to begin your Email Marketing endeavour. But did you consider if your email is going to reach the masses or not? Is it going to strike a chord with the target audience or not? There is a huge gap between sending a mail and having it read and

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Advantages of a Custom Developed Website

When an enterprise is going for an upgradation or a new website for their business expansion, there are mainly two choices, either to hire a professional website developing firm to build a custom website or to go for the pre-made template on which they themselves can build their website. Although,

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Magento as your preferred E-commerce Solution

Electronic Commerce, also known as e-Commerce is not a strange concept anymore. E-commerce works on three levels mainly: business to business (BTB), business to customer (BTC) and customer to customer (CTC). It was quite never in vogue until the fruition of Magento in 2007 and it changed the whole scenario. Magento is

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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Digital Marketing

Over the last few decades, the face of Digital Marketing has changed drastically from using free floppy disks containing the digital ad content in 1980s to today’s time of internet driven Digital Marketing campaign. People from every walk of life are connected through internet. This huge networking has evoked a tremendous potential

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How email marketing help you engage customers

Email blast is one of the diverse forms of digital marketing where a message which is commercially viable to the enterprise concerned is send through email to prospective clients or customers. It is a successful way of marketing through sending advertisements and information regarding the brand as emails.Although this method

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Why Custom Website Designs are good investment?

Custom Website Design A great looking and professionally satisfying website is the ultimate necessity for any business to flourish. But one might think if it’s worth making an investment. Most people take the easy way out. So many free and ready to use web templates are available, they are sure

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