With the grand entrance of technology in almost all the realms, the business world is the one that is most affected. Now every business company from every single field has a stunning website to mark their online presence. But that is not sufficient. Nearly everybody using smart phones to access the data, it would be a loss not to use smart phones to their full potential. For this purpose, all you need is Mobile Application Development strategy. Experts have witnessed a hike in the business revenues, all thanks to the user-friendly websites and apps that are helping the businessmen to explore the untapped audience.

With companies like Enterprise Web Cloud that have changed the realm of Mobile Application Development in Mississauga, this marketing strategy is no longer an alien concept. As a businessperson, you need to understand the fact that nothing can beat the personalized app experience of your consumer. And in case, you are still not convinced, the following points would help you:

Swift and Easy Data Accessibility

A business mobile app customized according to the particular business will enable the consumers to reach the important news, products and other info without any difficulty. It gives the ease to your customer to connect with you anytime they want to. With such beautiful mobile apps, there is absolutely no need to sit in front of laptops or desktops and to navigate through the whole website.

Ease of Payments and Donations

Now are the times where the online donations and payments are highly accepted and appreciated. With the help of mobile apps and secure payment interface, your customers can make donations or purchases easily and swiftly. If you provide a donation button in the app, you can actually boost the fundraising for your business.

Go for Push Notifications to Engage Customers

When a person is associated with you, they want to know about you more. Your clients and customers always watch for latest news, information, events or launches of new products from your side. And how would you keep them updated? Go for push notification button on the mobile apps. With such push buttons, your clients can simply get the notifications without the need to go the app even.

Creation of Social Network for Customers

With mobile apps, you can easily create a social network for your customers that specifically caters to their business needs. Apart from helping your associates to connect with each other, you have an open window to grab sponsorship, promotion and advertising opportunities.

Mobile applications proffer a huge world of opportunities where you can provide your members the actual worth. Such closed association with the help of mobile application development in Mississauga not only boosts the revenue graph, but also is a signal to your associates, clients and customers that your relationship with them is moving forward toward the success in a dynamic way.

Today, Internet Marketing is the quintessential promotional strategy for a business to flourish to its highest potential. Through email marketing, Social Media Marketing and other such online promotional tools, the products and services are able to reach to a greater audience than ever. From developing SEO friendly websites to online marketing of businesses, we hereby guide you through Internet marketing strategies and ways to implement them.

Be Search Engine’s First-page Frontrunner

Being on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing or AltaVista search results is equivalent to having greater chances than your competitors at grabbing attention of target audience. Websites that are made SEO friendly through keyword insertion, search engine friendly URL’s, auto-generated site map for display on site and auto-generated popular search terms page insertion are targeted at achieving this purpose.

Blogs and articles posted on websites also facilitate search engine optimization through right keyword insertion. Enterprise Web Cloud offers comprehensive Internet marketing packages aimed at developing SEO friendly websites and increasing the market reach of its clients.

Utilizing Social Media Platforms

The biggest advantage of Social Media Marketing Packages offered by Enterprise Web Cloud lies in perfectly managed social media accounts and regular updates in the form of posts and feeds on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google plus intended to multiply client’s marketability. Being active on social media is important for any business and craft to flourish.

“You’ve got A Mail”

Email marketing is catching up faster than other forms of digital marketing in knowing the pulse of the masses and in terms of individual attention.
Enterprise Web Cloud holds a history of high click through and open rates regarding its email marketing endeavors.

By mastering these Internet marketing strategies and seeking professional help for outsourcing your digital marketing campaigns, you can truly escalate your business.

WordPress, that accounts for over millions of websites worldwide, has successfully evolved from a blogging platform to an open source CMS owing to its over thousands of plugins. Even though many new players have emerged such as Drupal, WordPress continues to be a preferred CMS due to its simplicity and ease of creation.

A content management system or CMS allows the users to manage the content of the website easily and efficiently despite nil or minimum technical knowledge. Even though there are options of Custom Website Development, CMS website development continues to be a cost effective way of owning a website that you can manage according to your specifications.

In this article, we will weigh the pros and cons of utilizing WordPress for developing a functional CMS for your business. Starting with advantages, WordPress offers the following upsides.

Easy to learn and operate

You don’t have adequate knowledge regarding HTML or PHP? Good news is that you can still work on WordPress and create stunning functional websites unlike Drupal and Joomla that require working knowledge of these programming languages. As a beginner, you can easily create a website using pre-installed plugins and templates and bask in the glory of having created a functional website.

Community Support

Even though WordPress does not offer technical support to its users, it has a wide user community to assist you in case of roadblocks and glitches. Not so effective as the technical support offered by Drupal, we would say something is better than nothing.


Over 40,000 plugins, a majority of which are available for free, increase the functionality of your website and highlights the CMS nature of WordPress.


Thousands of templates for web graphics are available on the homepage in both free and paid versions. Even though free version is fine, paid versions are way more advanced than free ones.

Effective Menu Management

It is easy to modify menus which makes addition or reduction of categories, inclusion of pages and subpages, additional labeling, adding descriptions etc, a piece of cake.
As there always two sides of a coin, there are some downsides regarding WordPress usage if you are sticking primarily to the basic functions and not moving up the ladder to its advanced offerings.


Modifications such as removing a data field in a WordPress CMS require working knowledge of PHP. Even graphic modifications require HTML and CSS knowledge so that your website can have a unique look.

Choosing the right plugin

From a larger pool, choosing the right plugins is important for optimal functionality of your website. There are many plugins available for a single function which can add to confusion. Also, compatibility of plugins matter.

There are many other shortcomings that come with using the basic features only such as compromised security of content, difficulty in modifying tables and complex SQL Queries.

In order to overcome these hurdles, it is important to avail services of a professional web development studio well acquainted with programming languages such as PHP, HTML and CSS.

Enterprise Web Cloud based in Brampton is a leading Web Development and Designing Studio that holds expertise in WordPress Website Development with additional technical support that hands over the complete control of website over to you after its creation. By keeping these pointers in mind, you can make the best of WordPress for your business.

Owning an exclusive website is very crucial for any business, whether you want to enter E-commerce business or to exhibit your work. You can contact any, a professional web development company or a freelancer for completing the job.

A big question, what works better?

A freelance Website Developer may claim a lot, however it’s important to note the following before making a decision.

Security & Infrastructure

Web development companies have their dedicated servers for smooth functioning of websites, cloud computing resources and backup facilities. It is very difficult for freelancer to neutralize a hacking attack or recover a hacked website instantly. On the contrary a professional company has professional people safeguarding their servers and websites and can also put any number of resources and experts to recover a hacked/down website immediately.

Dedicated team

A freelance website developer may be well versed in one area only. That may be programming, graphic designing, content writing or search engine optimization, but he/she lacks knowledge in other important aspects. On the contrary, a professional web development company has a dedicated team in which each individual is expert in their particular domain which enables them to do what they are best at.

Time management

A freelancer, who is expert in one area only, requires to devote longer time to other important areas and that will always keep your website behind schedule. A web development company, on the other hand, distributes the time equally for each task, manages the timeline and gives equal emphasis to each component of website design and development.


An individual freelancer is not capable of handling rush jobs, whereas a web development company has a team of experts and can complete any immediate requirements.

If you are thinking about owning a website to expand your business and looking for a web development services provider, do consider these important aspects before making a decision.

Google is constantly evolving its algorithms, paying more heed towards quality versus quantity. If you’re still sticking with your old Search Engine Optimization strategies that worked for you previously, it’s time for a rain check. Are you considering changing search trends? What different you’re doing for improving local business ranking?

We are enumerating the following SEO mistakes you might be making that’s costing you a robust online presence.

Not having a Google’s My Business Profile Page

Google’s My Business Profile Page is quite beneficial for local businesses. Local business listing is important no matter how many people say it’s a passé. Creating a Business Profile Page with Google and verifying it is what is going to highlight your website in case of local searches.

Keywords based on old search trends

While keyword selection, did you consider Google’s voice searches? Many people search online through Google’s voice feature may be while driving or doing a run. This changes the whole keyword strategy. I mean, you must have asked Google at some point,” Where’s the nearest Gas station?” or ,” The best restaurant in Toronto.” See, a major shift in how keywords are selected for local businesses. Are you listening?

Not checking for Duplicate Listings

If you are doing it yourself, it’s a lousy practice and it’s not getting you any rankings. Just know that single business location means single Google’s My Business Profile Page. Keep on checking using Moz Local Tool if your business has more than one listing. If so, request Google to take down the duplicates.

Low-quality, irrelevant links

Where outbound and inbound links can majorly boost up your online presence by bringing in more traffic, there is a word of caution. Bad quality, inauthentic and irrelevant links can do more harm than good. Link building is a tricky business and it’s advised you seek professional help, such as Enterprise Web Cloud. Their SEO packages deliver more than what’s bargained for.

Lack of responsive website design and mobile optimization

It is a grave mistake for your website. You are losing out on the huge potential of mobile searches which is dominating the scene today. Not just responsive but retina ready websites are the new trend that adapt according to different screen resolutions.

With the advent of new year, Google has made some changes which can pose some challenges to Search Engine Optimization teams worldwide. Some of these changes are noteworthy like indexing of pages according to mobile searches, lesser pop-up ads and removal of right side ads. So now, the core focus has shifted towards mobile optimization and driving online traffic through meaningful content.According to statistics, 33% of users don’t go beyond Google’s first page search results. That says a lot regarding how important it is to plan an effective SEO strategy. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization team at Enterprise Web Cloud, Mississauga, proposes 4 key Search Engine Optimization strategies to work upon if one seeks a commendable position on Google’s first page search results which is a much coveted position.

Don’t Restrict Your Traffic Sources

Diversify your online traffic sources as much as possible. Post blogs on multiple websites, create and add videos on various video publishing websites instead of sticking onto a handful of choices. Along with that, make absolute use of social media platforms to reach a greater audience. Be sure to diversify your content as well according to the platform you are using and according to the target audience.

Keyword Targeting Strategies must Evolve with Time

Times are changing and so are the ways in which people search on Google. Then why your keywords are the same all along? It’s not like they’re going to feel desolated. Instead, evolve your keyword targeting strategy. Make use of Google AdWords or HubSpot’s Keyword App to find out the most relevant keywords that’ll get your website closer to your target audience.
Also, use of LSI keywords is quite useful in driving more traffic through your blog.

Attain a Scalable Link Building Strategy

Link building is and always will be a very important component of an effective SEO strategy. It might not show any results initially and you might think it to be a futile attempt but over time, consistent link building reaps desired results for sure. Link building involves inbound and outbound link building.
Inbound links points towards your website whereas an outbound link directs towards other specific and authentic web pages/websites. Link building is a long term investment of money, time, patience and effort. But it shows results nonetheless. Although, with the implementation of short term strategies, it is possible to achieve results in a short time such as guest posting and sponsored content (if they are not viewed as spam).

Take Rank Brain into Consideration

Google has introduced Rank Brain, a new machine-learning algorithm that analyzes search behavior of users and helps to determine search engine ranking of web page after analyzing determinants such as click through rates and time-on-page to assess real time performance of a web page.

In order to optimize your website according to Rank Brain, certain strategies have to be kept in mind such as:
• Think like the target audience and try to answer their supposed queries instead of blindly focusing on a set of keywords.
• Provide meaningful and engaging content so that visitor spends more time on a web page.
• Responsive web design allows for increased audience reach through multiple devices.
• Focus on quick loading web pages.
• Pop-up ads do nothing but irritate the users. Get rid of them.
If you’ll plan your SEO strategy with these points in mind, you’ll definitely succeed in your endeavors.

A great looking and professionally satisfying website is the ultimate necessity for any business to flourish. But one might think if it’s worth making an investment. Most people take the easy way out. So many free and ready to use web templates are available, they are sure to mess with your perception. Why to invest more money in a Custom Website Development when you can develop one yourself on pre-baked templates? Well, here’s why.
Even though a ready to use web template might seem a great idea in the beginning, it’s nothing more than a regretful decision a few months later. When you lose out on opportunities and business you could have landed easily if you had opted for a custom website from the start. What a custom developed website offers in terms of functionality and user experience cannot be surpassed by the easy way out. In this article, we’ll discuss how a Custom Website Development proves to be a good investment option for the long run.

A custom made website is definitely unique when it comes to layout, graphics and overall presentation. Such a website adheres to user’s memory easily. A website should encapsulate your business and vision in the most efficient way and that’s only possible with a custom website design.

Flawless Coding
When you build on a ready to use template, you have absolutely no idea what lies behind the scenes. If the coding is flawless or vulnerable, there is no way to know. But with a custom website, you can be assured that coding is done from scratch. Style languages like HTML and CSS bring about interesting layouts and page styles while server side scripting languages like PHP and Python bring about increased features of website. Moreover, a fast loading website due to dedicated hosting is always a welcome feature which is much appreciated by users. On the other hand, good luck getting a fast loading website with free template designs.

Significant Online Presence
Even after all this, if you still decide to go with free web templates, there are rare chances that your website achieves a good ranking in Google’s search results. The reason is quite obvious. There is no onsite or offsite SEO in place. You cannot expect a free template website to be SEO friendly. A lot goes behind the scenes to improve ranking of a website which is particularly work of a professional SEO team. With a free template web design, you don’t get that.

No Tech Support
In case of free template design, you don’t have access to much resources if any issue develops with your website. But with a custom developed website, you get complete and dedicated tech support. A glitch free website always attracts more visitor traffic and ensures better user experience.

Enterprise Web Cloud is a renowned custom web development studio based in Mississauga which caters to high end clients from all over the world. It offers Custom Web Development Packages that ensure complete ROI along with creating a powerful online presence.

In this age of massive competition, your business needs to truly stand out from the crowd. Agreed that a professional website is important for a business but equally important is that your website makes its online presence felt on search engines search results.The one and only way of achieving this is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the key element in enhancing a website’s online presence. The facts regarding what SEO can do for your business are truly amazing.

Today, we want everything we need to be a touch away. Information, product details, services or journals are just a click away. Taking our own example, we’ll know how we look upon popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing for answers. So every new and old business has its website to register an online presence.

But being there ain’t enough.More than a billion websites are there already. What makes difference is where your website stands in the long queue for consumer attention.That presence has to be accrued, enhanced and multiplied so your website gets podium finish at search engine’s first page search results. For that an efficient SEO strategy is planned and implemented.

Keyword analysis, market analysis, indexing pages and interlinking of web pages play an important role in SEO planning. Keywords used by target audience are analyzed SEO strategy planned accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization has surpassed traditional marketing and promotional methods. A majority of consumers came to know of a product through an online advertisement. More conspicuous your website on first page results, more visitors on website band more visitors-to-sales conversion. That means more returns on your investment.

Enterprise web Cloud offers complete SEO Packages for successful online marketing so that your website reaches and stays on top.

Magento is the most popular online market system that offers comprehensive Ecommerce Website Development while enhancing marketability and efficacy of an online store. Different products by Magento give emphasis on various aspects of an online store very efficiently. Catalog management, product addition and configuration, automatic inventory management and many more are just basic features of Magento. So you can very well figure out its extent of applicability in ecommerce sector.

Magento offers complete features that ensure success of your online business ventures while maintaining its simplicity in usage which is its USP.

In this article, we take a look at a very simple feature of Magento store which is how to add and configure products. Here is the step by step guide to the same.

• Log-in to Admin Panel. It is fairly easy. For the first timers, add /admin to your Magento website URL and reload the page. Then, type your username and password to log in to your administrator panel.
• Open “Catalog” drop-down menu. On the top menu, you’ll see “catalog” menu. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear.
• On the drop down menu, click on the option, “Manage Products” which will open in a new window.
• On the top right side of “Manage Products” page, click on “Add Products” button. This will open in a new window as well.
• Now in the header section, you’ll notice an option of “Create Product Settings” with two field tags, “Attribute Type” and “Product Type”. At first, “Attribute Type” has Default in its text box, whereas “Product Type” has Simple Product written in its text box.

You can modify the options in “Product Type” field tag by clicking the drop down arrow in text field. It opens up to show a number of options such as Simple Product, Grouped Product, Configurable Product, Virtual Product, Bundle Product and Downloadable Product. As a tutorial, we start with Simple Product option.

• After selecting the Simple Product option from the drop down menu, click “Continue”, opening a new product page with default attribute.
• Locate the header “General” which opens up to reveal different fields such as Name, Description, Short Description, SKU, Weight, Set Product as New From Date, Set Product as New To Date, Status, URL Key, Visibility, Country of Manufacture, In Feed and Featured Product with their respective empty fields.
• Enter name of product in “Name” field.
• Click “Save and Continue Edit” button on top right corner of page to save the changes. Similarly, update rest of the fields with specifications of the product you want to add and save the changes likewise.
• Now locate option “Status” and select option “Enabled” from the drop down menu.
• Make sure the Visibility field contains “Visibility, Search” option. Open the Featured Product field and select “Yes”.
• Now open Meta Information Page by clicking “Meta Information” on LHS of panel.
• To add images for the added product, click “Images” on LHS of panel.
• To update inventory, click “Inventory” option on LHS of panel and update “Qty” with the number of products in stock, say 10 or 20 and set “Availability” option at the bottom of the page as “In Stock”.
• To categorize the added product, click “Categories” on the LHS of the main page and select the category as you wish by checking the box near the respective category in the new page that appears.
• Set the price of added product by clicking “Prices” on LHS of main panel and add necessary specifications in appropriate fields.

There you are. Follow these simple steps to easily add and configure a product in your Magento e-commerce website. Hopefully we have been of assistance in providing you with the necessary knowledge in comprehensible manner.

In this digitally driven world, being online is the only way to be. And amid this lies an opportunity to promote your business using the most popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.Social Media Marketing lets you channelize this enormous human network in your benefit.It is impossible to stay away from our Facebook or Twitter accounts for long and social networking websites have become a hub for sharing important news, personal views, interesting videos and posts and for merely getting in touch with family, friends and colleagues.

Along with that, social media has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Social media promotion has surpassed print media promotion in many ways. Through dedicated pages on social media sites, entrepreneurs can directly interact with their consumers with an added advantage of free marketing.

SMM along with SMO ( Social Media Optimization) provides an efficient method of optimizing social media pages and feeds to be directly visible in organic search results of popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!. This is done through tagging, meta-tagging and progressive interlinking to make sure that your social media pages have increased visibility as well.

Enterprise Web Cloud, through its expert team of Social Media Marketing specialists, efficiently establish, maintain and manage social media pages of our clients which comprise of companies of all sizes belonging to different fields of operation.

Not only that, we handle online promotions, marketing, video promotions, reputation management and regular blog/article submission for our clients. Our dedicated SEO packages take complete care of all aspects of internet marketing to generate more useful online traffic for our clients.