Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding campaigning is a great way to tell masses about a product and spread the word. Social media platforms act as potent promoters of a product and means of reaping desired benefits. Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are gaining popularity as promotional vehicles, HR boosters and a way to add more backers for a product. Non-equity crowdfunding services are therefore the best choice when it comes to promote a product and reduce its pre-production costs.
Enterprise Web Cloud provides impeccable non-equity crowdfunding services to clients who seek optimal promotional strategies for their products while keeping a low pre-production cost. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established business or a start-up, a small corporation or a big giant, crowdfunding campaigns are lucrative for all businesses alike. We make sure to effectively promote and recruit more and more backers for your product through the infinitesimal opportunities that social media platforms offer.

We’re best at what we do.

When it comes to running Reward-based, non-equity crowdfunding campaigns, we are the best in business. We offer comprehensive solutions for promotion of your crowdfunding campaigns. Our multidimensional approach towards online promotion of your product prove to be beneficial in manifold ways. Some of our crowdfunding services include:

(1) Social Media Marketing campaigns by creating and managing social media pages.
(2) Promotion of social media pages through regular posts and tweets.
(3) Press release of new products and new feature addition in older ones, done by professionals.
(4) Multimedia campaigning to create a greater impact.
(5) Social Media optimization of dedicated social media pages.
(6) Professional and reputed online journalists and bloggers be there for promotion.
(7) Successful and effective email marketing campaigns.
(8) Analyzing and roping in target audience through targeted promotional strategies.
(9) Keeping existing backers successfully engaged on developments while recruiting new ones.

Our team works tirelessly to effectively promote a product. We are quite relentless till desired results are achieved. This is our one and only modus operandi and we better ourselves at each step.

Reasons to go for Team Enterprise

(1) Enthusiastic and relentless team players.
(2) Effective deployment of social media marketing tools.
(3) Track record of successful promotional campaigns.
(4) Leaders in non-equity crowdfunding.
(5) Implementation of successful and proven SEO techniques to improve your prospects.
(6) Highly experienced team members.
(7) Lucrative solutions for businesses of all sizes.
(8) Complete transparency maintained regarding what we do and why we do it.
(9) A resourceful team that provides far-reaching benefits for your corporation.
(10) Successful reduction of pre-production costs.
(11) We allow you to focus better on products by taking over promotions and marketing.
(12) Attractive and performance-oriented marketing strategies.
(13) One thing we are not known for is delay.

When we plan a promotional strategy for your crowdfunding campaign, we don’t just jump at it. We analyze the target audience and come up with effective tools and techniques that are different for different products. Our intelligent approach towards marketing a crowdfunding campaign can be called our secret ingredient for success. With thorough preparation, we enter the field and that helps us produce desired results in a given timeframe.