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dos and don'ts of ppc campaign

Dos and Don’ts of Pay Per Click Campaign


Pay Per Click Campaign

PPC or Pay Per Click is the new buzz word in the digital marketing town. And why not? This strategy provides the most correct results when it comes to the online marketing and general promotions. Though a paid strategy, PPC helps a specific company to target the precious traffic to the website resulting in higher sales and eventually, great turnovers. In this marketing strategy, the digital marketing company bids on the high ranking, high competition keywords related to the business niche and targeted audience and the PPC ad is instantly there on the search engines, be it Google, Yahoo or Bing.

PPC is a time-tested way to bring the required traffic to the website, but it certainly comes with several pitfalls. And you need to know the essential dos and don’ts of PPC to run a successful PPC campaign for your business or for your clients. So, in this post, we are going to discuss these dos and don’ts.


Do the keyword research thoroughly, check your competition and look out for the keywords that are ranking. For this, you can take the help of Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner. They bring you accurate results, thus increasing the chances of a successful campaign.

Do categorize your targeted audience and then assign the keywords according to the categories. This will ensure higher click-through rates, thus increasing sales.

Do good preparations before starting the campaign. Though PPC ads will fetch results, make sure that your websites, as well as landing pages, are in top-notch conditions. A user-friendly and engaging website, as well as content, will bring traffic and eventually high ROI.

Do keep an eagles’ eye over the campaign. Many people just leave the PPC campaign after launching it. And this is the biggest mistake. You can easily use Conversion Tracking to see how the campaign is performing.


Don’t spend money over generic keywords as the users are smart these days. They know what they want and know how they will get the desired outcomes.

Don’t stop yourself from using negative keywords. Negative keyword is a raging trend these days and they can surprisingly bring a huge amount of traffic.

Don’t immediately send all the prospective clients to the home page. At least, give them a chance to explore the website.

Don’t simply leave the campaign alone. Keep a tight check over the conversion rates, bounce rates and other stats.

With that said, an effective Pay Per Click campaign is all about how well you do the research and how close you monitor the results. For the desired results, you need experts who have sufficient experience to turn the campaign into a huge success. And one such experienced team of experts is Enterprise Web Cloud. With us an ally, you are assured of a successful ad campaign.

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