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7 Must-Have Elements of Attention-Grabbing For Homepage Design


What happens when you attend a job interview unprofessionally?

Rejection! Right? Well, the first impression plays a crucial role, and somewhere in the online world as well. Your poor website home page design can damage your business image in front of the potential audience. After all, it is your front door and people will judge you through it in less than 5 seconds.

If you don’t want visitors to leave without scrolling the complete website, then it is a time for you to play with components that offer effective website design in Mississauga. It is the best way to achieve your business objectives and take your business to the level where no one can beat you.

Essential Homepage Elements for Better User Experience:

Place Your Brand Focused Logo Accurately

A logo is something that tells how powerful your brand is. It is wise to place it on the top left side of the page or in the center within the navigation bar. These are a few areas where users draw their eyes first. Also, prefer to surround the logo with adequate negative space and ensure its size is enough to attract the audience.

Easy to Use Navigation Menus

Another thing to focus on when designing a website homepage is the navigation menu. It is a route that helps visitors to gather the information they need. You make sure that the navigation menus are simple as it will help visitors move around the website with ease. Moreover, it helps in reducing the bounce rates.

Clear & Inviting Calls to Actions

The homepage should be designed in such a way so that visitors can go deeper into the site and explore the interior pages. And this is where calls to actions come into the picture. The areas of calls to actions or buttons can further linked to the other pages within the website. This will make visitors invest more time in understanding the business deeply.

Eye-catching Website Color Combinations

A right color scheme on the website is essential to achieve business success. They not only help enhance the look but also makes visitor’s experience more pleasant when they visit the site. It is good to pick the meaning color scheme that works great together. Plus, using hover effects on Calls to Actions can make a huge difference.

Visually Appealing Typography Is Must

The appeal of letters and texts on the homepage design matters a lot as they help convey specific messages to readers. As the font style is going to appear throughout the site, you must make a choice very carefully. You can consider using a classic font style as it helps make the visitors easily understand you and your business.

Testimonials Work as Your Social Proof

To build a long-lasting relationship with your customers, you can add past good customer experiences on the homepage. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies can work as your social proof to make customers feel more confident about their decisions. This further helps in boosting brand awareness.

Don’t Miss To Display Contact Information

The homepage design is incomplete without the contact information. Businesses must consider adding phone numbers, email address, and location to make them easier to find by the audience. It is good to add the contact information at the end of the home page so that customers contact you quickly if they are interested in your services.

The End!

If you are ready to transform your home page something into more engaging, then pick the designers having good experience in web designing Mississauga. Whether the need is to update the brand logo or complete website makeover, an expert can help you deliver the best experience for your potential customers and visitors.

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