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Email Marketing

How email marketing help you engage customers


Email blast is one of the diverse forms of digital marketing where a message which is commercially viable to the enterprise concerned is send through email to prospective clients or customers. It is a successful way of marketing through sending advertisements and information regarding the brand as emails.
Although this method is quite effective, but does it tick all the boxes on the check list when we compare it to other forms of digital marketing like social media marketing etc is one question that pertains to email marketing. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of email blast that every enterprise should be aware of.

Pros: It would not be wrong to say that there are more advantages to this method than consequences. The positives being…
• Email marketing or email blast gives great returns when done properly and one is able to track the returns per id.
• It is significantly easy on the pocket and highly cost effective than doing it the traditional way of mailing.
• The recipients of these emails are mostly who register for a particular service and thus, they ask for it and expect receiving these emails. Thus, a targeted audience is available.
• Emails are checked at a specific time by every individual which is optimal for email blasts.

Cons: There aren’t many but one. Emails have the tendency of getting filtered or spammed if the content violates the regulations of cyber laws. They might be less likely to be read if they fall into the promotional folder although this does not pose a problem in smartphones.Thus, with a long array of advantages over negatives, Email blast is an ideal mode of digital marketing without any doubt.

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