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Magento: How you can get a free Magento Website Setup in 30 minutes?


Magento is a highly flexible CMS platform that helps to build complex E-commerce websites. The flexibility Magento provides make it a reliable choice for customers all over the globe.

Even though many “plug and play” E-commerce platforms have seen real growth in the last few years, Magento remains the prime consideration for E-commerce projects. But what makes Magento so special?

Here are the top 10 reasons:

Open Source

Magento has three versions in total:
• Magento Community Edition (free)
• Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
• Magento Go (Hosted Service & Paid)

The community edition is most popular and suitable for small businesses. This has the largest and most active developer community for the E-commerce platform.
Magento is free to download and install. Through Magento Connect Marketplace, you can install extensions and customize them accordingly. The platform gets upgraded regularly by the community and security flaws are rectified.
The best part is the extensive community that provides free troubleshooting.

Made for E-commerce

Magento, unlike other CMS platforms like WordPress, was created to be an E-commerce platform. The core features of Magento make building an E-commerce site easy.
Some of the Magento features are:

  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Product Browsing
    • Catalog Management
    • Order Management
    • Marketing Promotions and Tools
    • Checkout, Shipping, and Payment
    • Site Management
    • International Support

Easy integration of third-party apps

Most CMS platforms have core functionality but not all solutions are within the system. To make life easier, plugging in ready-made apps or plugins that integrate new features into the website is preferred rather than coding each new feature from scratch.

While with others, integrating third-party apps is entirely in the control of the service provider, Magento allows you to connect to any kind of app or plug-in easily. Whether it is payment gateways, web analytics or shipping & tracking, Magento can plug in an app of your choice in no time.

Modular and Customizable

Each business that uses CMS platforms has different needs and thus, has to use CMS differently. What works for a fashion industry may not work for the furniture industry.

Being an open source, Magento is inherently highly customizable and modular. Its modular elements allow you to develop a stunning front-end experience by modifying or plugging in layouts and templates of your choice.

You can easily override or update Layout XML. Backend workflows can be easily redesigned to suit a business by rewriting codes and modifying events and grids.

Multiple Websites With One Common Backend System

Typically E-commerce websites, open source or otherwise, have one store per system. This isn’t the case with Magento as you can run multiple websites on the same common backend system.

Magento allows users to create separate and independent websites for the products, each with distinct layouts. You can have different domains for each site. This is controlled simultaneously through a single unified admin panel. This capability is a boon for E-commerce operating in multiple niche categories.

Web Services API

Magento Web Services API Provided you with the facility to manage various Magento functions with API Calls. You can provide various different services to your clients, like white label websites with inventory and pricing from your store.

The APIs can perform a wide array of tasks like:

  • Create a shopping app for mobile devices.
    • It can integrate with CRM or ERP back-end systems.
    • Integrate with a CMS (Content Management System).
    • This also creates JavaScript widgets in the Magento storefront. The widget makes AJAX calls to access services.

Flexible and Scalable

E-commerce websites designed on the Magento platform adapt seamlessly to new extensions or customized features.

As you further expand and grow the number of products, pages, static blocks, and widgets Magento will grow with you at no additional expense.

Built for SEO

Magento is one of the leading E-commerce platforms that are SEO-friendly. This not only hosts all your information but also aids your website so it can show up in the search engine space.

The E-commerce platform offers metadata and descriptions for products, categories, sitemaps, URL rewrites, and category structures.

This default feature saves your time and makes the website search friendly.


Websites cannot afford to load slowly anymore. If a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, the users may get bored and instantly move to the next website.

To be at the top of the game, you would want a platform that loads fast and allows caching easily, while having all the features of an E-commerce website.

Magento’s cache management system can easily improve the performance of the E-commerce site. It can easily cache your pages, retrieve data, process queries and load pages swiftly.

Freedom to choose hosting service

Magento allows you to pick a hosting service according to your choice, you can pick the most economical option and you can also change your hosting services midway if you aren’t satisfied with them.

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