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Google Has Decided to Test the ‘IndexNow’ Protocol


Testing for IndexNow Protocol Set to Happen

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Yandex announced IndexNow. However, Google seemed not to adopt the new initiative. IndexNow is a protocol that requires site owners to report or notify search engines regarding any kind changes in URLs.  IndexNow is a more efficient approach, as you do not have to rely on search engine spiders to go into the webs and crawl each URL. Unlike the old methods, you can notify search engines about the changes.

Website managers or owners only have to directly submit the URL changes and related details to the search engines. It sends a signal to all search engines to immediately crawl all the URLs with new modifications. Changes in the URL here means that URL may have new content, updated content or deleted content. In the first instance, only Microsoft Bing and Yandex were following this protocol.

IndexNow is being tested by Google!

Google admits that its crawling operations are efficient, but it plans to use the IndexNow protocol to boost its long-term sustainability efforts. This comes just a few weeks after the IndexNow protocol was officially announced.

Googlebot began supporting HTTP/2, a major modification of the web’s HTTP network protocol, in 2020. The next iteration of HTTP, a data transfer protocol used on the internet, is known as HTTP/2. Despite the fact that Google employs HTTP/2 in the majority of its crawls, the change has no google ranking implications.

Google stated in a statement to Search Engine Land that it takes a holistic approach to sustainability, which includes efforts to produce the most efficient and accurate web index. “We’ve been carbon-neutral since 2007, and our data centres and campuses are on track to be carbon-free by 2030.” We are excited by efforts to improve web crawling efficiency, and we will be evaluating the protocol’s potential benefits,” a Google official stated.

What is IndexNow? How Can It Assist Website Owners?

We believe IndexNow is rather quick and can assist site managers in staying on track with their tasks. All they have to do now is notify search engines about any recent content modifications on their websites. It’s a simple ping protocol that lets search engines know when a URL and its contents have been changed, removed, or added. This can help search engines reflect changes in search results more quickly.

All you have to do with IndexNow is generate a key on your server. Then, to alert IndexNow, post a URL to Bing or any other search engine. This isn’t required for every search engine. All participating search engines are able to view the modifications after alerting a single search engine. You only need to complete the following:

    • Using the IndexNow online key generation tool, generate an API key that is compatible with the protocol. An API key is necessary to match the domain owner with the URLs given, however, it should be no longer than 8 characters.
    • Place the API key in a text file titled with the key’s value at the root of your website, essentially in the root directory in txt ‘Tomorrow X Together’ format.
    • Then, using parameters, submit URLs. You can submit a single URL or a set of URLs per API call once your URLs have been changed, added, or deleted.


When you join the Bing webmaster tools portal, you’ll see the details. It’s enough to submit to one search engine, whether it’s Bing, Yandex, or Google, to alert the other search engines.
Submitted links won’t have to return a 200 response code; instead, a 404 code will alert search engines to content changes or redirects, allowing them to index the pages more quickly.

How Does IndexNow Help Site Owners with SEO?

The SEO industry is constantly changing for the better. There is a lot of innovation that helps efficiency, from search engine updates to analytics to smart tools. Changes like IndexNow demonstrate how search engines are striving for long-term viability. For those in the SEO industry, fast indexing means knowing their content or efforts aren’t going to waste.

Imagine making updates to your content and then having to wait for search engine spiders to crawl your URL. The new method eliminates the need for search engines to perform exploratory crawls to see if web pages have been updated or refreshed. It reduces the time it takes for the material to be discovered and indexed in general.

Multinational organizations such as eBay, LinkedIn, Duda, Bizapedia, Wix, and MSN have expressed interest in using IndexNow or have already done so.


The IndexNow protocol is an important unifying force for search engines, and Google’s participation signals that the digital world is moving in the right direction. We also expect WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMSs, to adopt the system.

Content discovery is faster and more trustworthy with APIs like IndexNow. Those who want to add this to their website but don’t know how can seek the assistance of a expert web developer

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