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Hiring a freelancer or Web Development Company – What works best?


Owning an exclusive website is very crucial for any business, whether you want to enter E-commerce business or to exhibit your work. You can contact any, a professional web development company or a freelancer for completing the job.

A big question, what works better?

A freelance Website Developer may claim a lot, however it’s important to note the following before making a decision.

• Security & Infrastructure

Web development companies have their dedicated servers for smooth functioning of websites, cloud computing resources and backup facilities. It is very difficult for freelancer to neutralize a hacking attack or recover a hacked website instantly. On the contrary a professional company has professional people safeguarding their servers and websites and can also put any number of resources and experts to recover a hacked/down website immediately.

• Dedicated team

A freelance website developer may be well versed in one area only. That may be programming, graphic designing, content writing or search engine optimization, but he/she lacks knowledge in other important aspects. On the contrary, a professional web development company has a dedicated team in which each individual is expert in their particular domain which enables them to do what they are best at.

• Time management

A freelancer, who is expert in one area only, requires to devote longer time to other important areas and that will always keep your website behind schedule. A web development company, on the other hand, distributes the time equally for each task, manages the timeline and gives equal emphasis to each component of website design and development.

• Resources

An individual freelancer is not capable of handling rush jobs, whereas a web development company has a team of experts and can complete any immediate requirements.

If you are thinking about owning a website to expand your business and looking for a web development services provider, do consider these important aspects before making a decision.

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