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How Does A Responsive Website Design Work?


A responsive website design is no longer a choice! It has become a mandate, a standard, a custom, a convention! By that, it simply concludes for a web designer to latch onto it without giving a second thought!

So, let us dig deep into the phenomenon of responsive design to explore its potentials.

What is a Responsive Website Design?

A webpage/website which when happens to adapt itself as per the screen size and other dimensions of a device, projecting the content in user-friendly orientation is known as responsive website design. To be precise, the auto adjustment of width, size, resolution etc of a certain webpage when accessed from the different devices (laptop, tab, smartphones) is the actual intent of a responsive website design.

A responsive design makes a user’s experience much more convenient. The task to adjust the content size by scrolling it left or right to get a complete view is exactly the work which the responsive website design takes up in the backend of the coding to give its user a customized view.

Why Responsive Design got Established as a Norm?

Evolution of device like smartphone became the prime ground for the subsequent progression of responsive website design in the field of web designing.

The user base of the smartphone has surged significantly over the years, that shifted the base of web browsing from the devices like laptops to smartphone based on its multi-functional approach. It has undeniably impacted the existence of other devices and has even made many of them redundant in the present day (Watch, camera, calculator and the so on).

So, it imperative to embrace the technology of responsive design which not only ensures the sustainability of your website in the market, in fact, it rules out the need to create the multi-model web design for the different variants/inventions of devices which will practically never cease to evolve!

How Responsive Website Design Works?

An advanced feature of bootstrap has been introduced in the HTML format to extend the responsive nature of a webpage. The CSS code is performed upon in the media queries section to direct the flexible grids, images, and styling layout to adapt itself accordingly. The coding takes note of the available width size for the display of actual content in a cohesive manner.

The biggest advantage of responsive website design is that it saves a lot of time, energy and effort, eliminating the need to put up with the separate content, style sheets and programming for the different versions of a single website.

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