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Website Design Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Website?


In Bygone eras each retailer used to be smart with regard to their shop on the lookout, they used to ensure that everybody saw the splendid colourful banner from far and ought to be struck by the rebate offers in their shop. The idea has not changed much, it’s just technology that took over. The internet has become the market and your online presence is your shop. Let it be a channel, page, profile, or Website.

With over 33 million internet users, Canada counts among the biggest online markets in the US. In fact, digital audiences in Canada are projected to grow to nearly 35 million online users by 2023, reaching 90 percent of the Canadian population.
If you live in Canada, you probably would not want to be left behind. The first question in your mind would be about the price

Does it cost an arm and a leg or is it just peanuts to create a website in Canada?

In this post, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of building a site, picking the right sort of site for your endeavour, and assessing the website design costs for your site project. There are a few sorts of websites, you can pick appropriately whatever suits you and consequently, the expense changes relying upon your choice. There are presently almost 1.7 billion sites on the web, which give various kinds of sites to study, yet in addition a ton of disarray over which type and configuration will really turn out best for you.

The experienced team in website design in Mississauga got you covered here! The experts and website specialists bring your contemplations and objectives together to make the best website composition for you.

  • Brochure Website: The pamphlet site is a web-based webpage of your business that contains a couple of pages and the fundamental data individuals need to know
  • E-commerce Websites: An e-commerce website is an online shopping destination where users can purchase products or services from your company.
  • Portfolio Websites: These are basically freelancing portfolios for individuals where they show their best work samples.
  • Blogs: Blogs began with more, individual content contrasted with magazines. Be that as it may, from that point forward, the lines have obscured, and presently it’s incredibly normal for significant brands and organizations to have their own blog.
These are the most widely recognized site types on the web. Knowing what others have achieved with various page types gives you a solid vibe for the sort of site that will turn out best for you.

Website type

Total cost, of building your website

Web site designer fee

Website builder fee

Cost of hosting/domain

Annual recurring fees

Brochure website (built by web designer)

$625 – $1,225

$400 – $1000


Starting at $60 annually

$150 Website Updates

Brochure website (built with Godaddy Websites+Marketing)




Starting at $13/Month


Small-medium eCommerce store (Built by web designer)

$1,680 – $6,000

$1,000 – $5,000


Starting at $180 annually


Large eCommerce store (built by web designer)

$57,150 – $50,000+

$5,000 – $50,000


Starting at $600 annually


eCommerce store (built with Godaddy Websites+Marketing)




Starting at $40/ month


Large Custom Website

$10,000 – $75,000

$10,000 – $75,000+


1,200+ annually


These web composition costs are estimated and may change by region or the website composition organizations you’re working with to assemble your site. You ought to consistently look around when you’re constructing a site and contrast evaluating with see which choice is the most expensive cordial.

Steps of creating a website and their cost

Making a website is certainly not a one-venture thing… There are 2-3 steps involved. At the point when you intend to create a website, you go through these steps.

Get A Domain Name

A Domain name is the “banner of your shop”. It is the first thing people will see. It should be related to whatever content you are displaying on your website. For instance, If a person is selecting a domain for his Coffee shop it can look like
You will get your domain name from a domain hosting site. Domain hosts provide domain names, which are the addresses that help visitors access your website content. You can customize your domain name according to your preferences and creativity. It is recommended to keep it relatable to your content as much as possible.
Ordinarily, a domain name won’t add a lot to the expense of website composition; notwithstanding, this is a repetitive charge, so you’ll need to be certain that you select a domain name around $5-$20 each year.

Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting is the “market, your shop is located at”. Web hosting stores all your web content, content, images, and videos where people can access it.
It makes your content visible to the world. There are many web hosts which come with different hosting plans. Without web hosting, the one in particular who might at any point see your site is you.
Picking your web hosting plan can require expertise as it depends on understanding how huge your website is and how much traffic you get.
The hosting plans come for all types of websites. Small personal blogs can cost less however a large Ecommerce online store web hosting plan will come at a more prominent expense.

Usually, hosting plans will cost $5-$40 per month. However, a few extra plugins and features can cause an increment in the price Our expert website design and development team brings to you the ease of getting the right plan for your website as our team has a sheer understanding of how to Learn your hosting types, gauge your website’s needs and choose the best plan in line with your budget.

Create and Upload Content

In short “Stock up your shop with stuff you want to sell”. You need to engage with your audience and serve the purpose of having a website. Although creating and uploading content on websites is the fun part, it is not a piece of cake.
This phase is the most important part, it will convert your visitors into your loyal customers. This is because the designing process takes time and elevates the price. This makes it more costly than choosing a domain name or buying hosting for your website.
It can be a hard nut to crack to write engaging SEO content every week on your website.

Enterprise SEO team meets you here!

Our experienced SEO experts with precipitous knowledge of Google Analytics & Google Search Console can generate content that will help you rank on google and get more traffic to your website.
Creating and maintaining a website is a long journey. It includes running a backup and making sure a previous version of your site is stored, Making updates to website software and plugins,
Check that all of your forms are running properly.
Grow and expand your website gradually.

NOTE: Costs are tentative costs and are subject to change as per the requirements.

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