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How to configure Stripe in WordPress?


Stripe is a very popular payment gateway around the world. It helps businesses take any type of payment on their websites. From subscriptions to recurring billing; it can do all.  With Stripe you can collect customers’ payment information easily and securely. It is compatible with all devices such as desktops, tablets or mobile devices. With more than 100+ currencies around the world, Stripe can accept all major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and more. Stripe is one of the best woo-commerce payment gateways. Therefore, we will explain the step-by-step process of Stripe configuration with your WordPress site.

Before you start creating the Stripe account, make sure you have the following information ready.

• An email address
• A good password for your account
• Last four digits of Social Security Number
• Your Bank’s routing number
• Your Bank account number

Once you have all the information you can start creating your account.1. Register for a Stripe account. Use the following link to go to the registration page.
Configure Stripe in WordPress

2. When you are ready, fill out the information correctly. Once done, click on create account.

3. Click on the ‘Open Gmail’ button and verify your email address.

4. Once, Gmail account is open click on ‘Verify email address’.

Configure Stripe in WordPress
5. Click on the ‘Start’ button. And start verifying business details.
Configure Stripe in WordPress
6. Fill out all the information about your business. Put your business address and select a type of business. Once done, click on the Next Button.
7. Fill out all your Business Details. Put your business name, address, industry, description. Click Next to continue.
8. Fill out all your personal information. Social Insurance Number is optional; you choose to leave it blank. Once done, click next.
9. Fill out the customer support information. Put your business name and phone number. Once done, click Next.
Configure Stripe in WordPress
10. Fill out banking details. You can choose the currency between Canadian or US dollars. Once done click next.
11. Complete the two-step verification process. Choose between SMS or app and complete this step. Once done, click Next.
12. This step is optional. Click ‘Not Right Now’ and proceed to the next step.
13. It will take you to the summary page. Review all the information and click ‘Submit’.Now your Stripe account is set up. Follow the steps to connect your Stripe account with your business website.

Get the API Keys to connect Stripe to your Web Site

1. Go to Or via Dashboard > Developers > API Keys2. Once on this page click on ‘view test data’ on the top right corner of the screen.
Configure Stripe in WordPress
3. Once you click that toggle button you will start seeing a red line with ‘Test Data’. For now, we just need test data.
Configure Stripe in WordPress

4. You need to copy the Publishable key and Secret key and send them to your web developer. Test keys can be used to check and connect Stripe account with your website (you need to click on “Reveal test Key Token).

Important: Please copy/paste the keys, as it’s very hard to type them from a picture.

5. Once the configuration and integration are done and it is working properly; you would also need to send live keys to your web developer.

Use the same toggle button on top, and switch to the live data. Then click on “Reveal live key token” to display the secret key and copy/paste that as well.

Setup the Stripe WebHooks

What is a webhook?

Webhooks allow Stripe to send messages to your website when certain “events” take place regarding payments. For example, if there is a payment refund in Stripe; Stripe can automatically send a notification to your webhook. This is a very useful feature to keep track of the backend activities.

How to create your webhook?

To set up a webhook, you will need to register a new webhook in your Stripe account.

1. Go to Dashboard > Developers > Webhooks
2. Click on Add endpoint button on the top right corner.

Configure Stripe in WordPress

3. It will open a new window for ‘Add a Webbook Endpoint’.

• You can find the Stripe webhook URL you can find in WP admin.
• Full Stripe > Settings > Stripe page

3. Add Endpoint URL. Set latest API version. Choose and configure all events to send.
Configure Stripe in WordPress

4. Switch to live mode.

5. Repeat step 3) in live mode.

Final Words!

Stipe is one of the best payment gateways that can help your business grow over time. Every online buyer wants to do an easy and secure checkout; Stripe can do that. Sometimes, the installation and setup process can be a little tricky; a WordPress expert can help you get started with your online woocomerce store and attract positive traffic to your website.


If you have any questions or other recommendations, so leave us a comment! 🙂

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