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Import Bulk products in Magento

How To Import Bulk Products In Magento?


Importing products in Magento can be monotonous sometimes herculean. Exporting and importing files to and fro can really get to your nerves plus it takes forever to get things done.

Although it can be a massive task, which can sometimes be a drab but you cannot be sloppy with it.

If you are stuck than this article will help you find the best alternative ways to get the products imported.

Here, the aim will be to save time and effort while minimizing any mistakes while you focus on more important things.

1) CSV import
This is not the simplest method but it is pretty much straightforward. The best part about CSV import is that it is completely free. In this, you’ll have to create one sample product in the admin and export it in table format. This can be used as a template and you can fill in all the products this way and import them.

2) Trouble with Standard Product Import

Error Identification

When you upload CSV file, Magento detects issues like duplicate columns or mismatch attributes. Be extra careful and put each attribute in the right column or there will be a mix up.

Magento will detect the error but won’t display or help identify nor will it fix them. In this case, you will have to go over the whole file and manually find each error yourself, fix and upload it again.

3) Uploading Product Images
Adding images in CSV file is done separately to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Do not include pictures in CSV file as it can mess up the whole import.

Editing Product- Let’s be honest here, editing products is not easy! You have to go over each spec of single product and this can take a lot of time.

Here, third party tools can be of good use. We will share with you a few alternative solutions to help solve the most common problems of import.

4) Sheetly
Sheetly helps in simplifying the product management. Similar to spreadsheet, all you do is enter all the product details. Once you have synced it with admin, you can publish it to the store.

Difference from CSV file
• Sheetly is integrated with your Magento so you won’t have to export or import the products.
• As it is connected to admin, whenever you add new categories or attributes, it’ll be ready to use in Sheetly.
• Another thing that makes it different from CSV file is that it will show you   the error and help in fixing them.
• Its drag and drop feature makes uploading images easier.
• It helps in achieving smooth and fast editing.

5) Fast Products Import Extension
This extension can be found on Magento Connect. Fast Products Import works by importing new products as well as editing the existing products.

• Fast Products Import gives you the option of scheduled imports.
• A correction factor can be set to help merge entries.
• Set default attribute values to use if a value is missing.

These are some of the different approach to import products in Magento. If you don’t make regular changes, the standard one will do just fine.

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