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Import Bulk products in Magento

How to Import Bulk Products in Magento (Adobe Commerce)


Step 1: Go to Import Section in Magento (Adobe Commerce) Admin Section

  1. Navigate to System > Data Transfer > Import in the Magento (Adobe Commerce) admin section.
  2. Select Product as the entity type to import products.

Step 2: Prepare CSV File for Import

  1. Download the sample CSV template file provided by Magento (Adobe Commerce) to ensure the correct format.
  2. Fill in the CSV file with product data, including necessary attributes such as SKU, name, description, price, and quantity.

Step 3: Specify Import Options

  1. Go back to the import section in the admin panel.
  2. Set the Import Behavior:
    • Add/Update: This option will add new products and update existing ones without removing any data.
    • Replace: This option will replace existing data with new data if the SKU matches.
    • Delete: This option will remove existing data.
  3. Set the Validation Strategy:
    • Stop on Error: The import process will stop if there are any errors.
    • Skip Error Entries: The system will skip errors and continue the import process.
    • Allow Error Counts: Define the number of errors to stop the import process.
  4. Set the Field Separator and Multiple Value Separator according to the format used in the CSV file.

Step 4: Validate and Run the Import

  1. Validate the CSV file by clicking the Check Data button.
  2. Save and run the import job.

Additional Tips for Efficient Importing

  • Use the Improved Import & Export extension to simplify the process and handle large product catalogs efficiently.
  • For complex import tasks, consider using the Mass Product Import & Update extension by Wyomind, which allows for dynamic mappings and efficient import processes.
By following these steps and utilizing the available extensions, you can efficiently import bulk products into your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers on your Magento website design in Mississauga.

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