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How to Improve User Engagement?

A game changer for any business, user engagement today is very different than it used to be. The technological advancements have brought many choices for people with a number of interaction mediums.

What exactly is user engagement?

User engagement describes the user’s interaction with the brand, product or service. This is the process of building, nurturing and managing relationships with users.

A great user engagement builds:

  • Better communication
  • Trust
  • Healthy customer relationship
  • Loyalty

A user won’t get engaged overnight. Thus, a user engagement strategy is essential to engage the user for the entirety of their journey.

Every business has its set of engaged users. Generally, these users fall into four categories:

The Buyers: These are the ones you want, the ones who’ll pay for your product or service.

The Advocates: They give opinions on the product or service and share your content to their followers.

Active Engagers: These people provide valuable feedback for your product or service.

Loyal Followers: They simply follow the company’s updates.

Engaging users isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build trust.

Here are 7 tested ways to drive your user engagement strategies:

Micro-content marketing technique –

Your business when complemented with amazing micro-content will be admired by your users. Micro-content usually communicates key messages briefly. As the name suggests, micro-content is a short text phrase without any additional contextual support.
A crisp and simple content attracts traffic as it is great for your customers. A well-written micro-content draws people and helps create a positive user experience. A meaningful micro-content that’s compelling and quick to understand will grab the attention of the consumers.

Use social media platforms as a tool –

Social media platforms aren’t just for connecting people but if used correctly, can be a great business tool. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can be used to connect, share, identify questions, research experts and create content according to your industry.

There are more than 2 billion active social media users and if someone connects with you on any platform this can give you amazing growth. Further, social media can help in collecting user data to analyze it and get ahead of the competitors.

Free Trial –

No one refuses free products and services. One thing to keep in mind here is that someone who prefers a free trial is not an onlooker but a customer. As user engagement is the process of nurturing, it is important that as a business, you understand that and build trust with your user. A user spends their time and money to use your product. If you invest time in your user, they’ll return if your offer is attractive.
For example, most users signup for the trial period of software to get free access. A user will stay when they find an offer hard to resist. Maintaining personal communication with the users will give a better idea for you as a business to understand what your customer needs.

Scientific Method To Optimize Headlines –

he average attention span has drastically decreased over time. Thus crafting a headline that will grab the attention of your user is necessary. A headline shouldn’t be a wild guess but it is important that it is backed up with data. Almost 20% of people click an article after reading the headline, so it’s important to make it relevant. The headlines that include numbers are 15% preferable to the readers.
Brainstorming different headlines ideas and collaborating with your team members to choose the right title will help you implement this strategy.

Communicate With Your Users –

Your users are your biggest advocates, they’ll bring better leads than paid ads can ever do. Building a strong relationship with users and communicating with them will help them keep their attention towards your products or services.
Another thing to keep in mind is not to ignore their feedback. This shows that you’re genuinely interested and reinforces their trust in you.

Create Mobile Apps –

The number of smartphones has increased with more than 2 billion people using it on daily basis, worldwide. As smartphone use has increased, the popularity of the mobile apps has increased as well. Quickly becoming the most interactive stream of revenue for many companies, the mobile app has revolutionized many businesses.
Mobile apps can help you increase customer engagement with your brand. If you want to provide a sincere value that’ll remain fresh in the minds of your user for years, then you should consider creating a mobile app with a unique app icon.

Scale Your Marketing Budget –

An effective, well-planned marketing strategy is vital to scale your business. Marketing is invaluable but it is important that you take the marketing budget into account. Spending a large amount of your budget on content marketing doesn’t guarantee more users.

About 50% of your budget for content creation is optimal. Content plays an important role in direct contact between users and your business.

The aim is to connect with more businesses, marketers, and influencers to amplify your content to reach, attract and convince more people.


The key here is to understand that user engagement is a journey that never ends. It comes down to the seller to either make or break the deal. If you implement these 7 strategies, you’ll not only inspire your users but build a thriving brand amidst market downturns.

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