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The Economy is about to reopen – Is Your Business Ready for economic reopening?


As we all are going through this pandemic and the provincial government regularly issuing and adjusting restrictions on commercial activities. The government has announced that starting May 18 everyone who is 18+ can book and get their COVID19 vaccine. As more people are getting vaccinated and are heading towards ‘Herd Immunity’, the government is planning to reopen the economy.

Here is the latest statement from Goldy Hyder, the BCC’s President and Chief Executive Officer: “Premier Ford and his team have developed a responsible, balanced framework to reopen the province’s economy based on the best available advice from health experts, recognizing that we are in for a long and difficult battle against COVID-19,” said People are getting vaccinated and the federal government is planning to reopen the economy on Ontario!”

As a Business Owner, what you should do to get ready for economic reopening? Don’t Worry, our website design and digital marketing experts are here to guide you. There is no doubt that people choose a business that offers quality services and has a great online presence over those who don’t. If you want to capture more leads and get more conversions; your business must stand out from the crowd. It should have a strong online presence that includes a professional website and digital marketing strategy. Let’s start right now and be the best in your business!

Why do you need a professional website for your business?

When people land on your website, it only takes 0.05 seconds to form a decision regarding your business. It is very crucial to impress your audience and provide what they are looking for.

A professionally designed website can help you get more conversions, build credibility, and get more quality traffic that leads to your business success. Almost 88% of website visitors will never consider coming back to your website if they did not like the website design. Following are few tips that can ensure that you have a winning website for your business.

Identify Your Goals

While designing a website, it is important to know your goals. You should make a list of things you want on your website. Knowing your goals can help you identify what you want to do on your website. It can help you plan a strategy for your goals. Designing a logo, title, tagline, and design of the website depends on your business goals.

Use more visuals

Having a good visual design is very important for websites. It is very thing on the website yet very important. Interesting visuals and appealing design are more than enough to impress website visitors. With a well-designed website with attractive templates and amazing visuals, you can catch your visitor’s attention and get more leads.

Perfect home page

If your website’s home page can impress website visitors in the first 10 seconds, you are more likely to generate traffic on your website. Having a good first impression is very important because around 90% of visitors make immediate decisions about your business and brand while they scroll ‘home page’. Any professionally designed website should not have flaws or errors on the website. A perfect home page can convey the message as soon as visitors arrive on your website. Ensure that your logo design, promotion message, taglines, titles, and content is free of any errors and delivering the business message to the visitors.
homepage layout of website
Above is a picture of the home page showing the simple layout of the website.

Clear Call-To-Actions

You know give clear instructions about what you want your visitors to do on your website. Having a clear call to action is very important as it can help you a lot to increase conversions and get more sales. When visitors arrive on your website, if they are interested in your services or products, they should see buttons for buy or appointment booking. These should guide them towards the next step. If you are planning to get more leads and conversions on your website, Call-To-Actions is definitely the key.
Professionally written content and effective call-to-actions can convince website visitors visitor to make a buying decision. Using the same colour throughout the website for call-to-actions is usually very effective. The main focus should be that call-to-action should be clearly visible from other content and should convey your business messages.
Above is an example of a professionally crafted call-to-action. It is clearly giving and message and a highlighted button is present for website visitors to take action.

Easy site navigation

A professionally designed website has clear navigation. When visitors arrive on your website, they should be able to find the information easily on the website. Easy navigation helps users to find information quickly that they need. Easy navigation not only helps the site visitors but also helps search engines in indexing and crawling your website. This can lead to a better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ranking. Easy navigation makes your website user-friendly.

Lead Capturing Forms

Using well-drafted lead capturing forms allows you to grab the leads that come on your website. You should design a proper section for these forms. It should not be very long. These forms should include relevant questions only that can help you qualify that lead and get the business. Optimize these forms according to your user requirements and the service or products you sell on your website.
digital marketing services

Pay attention to loading speed

This is another very important factor to get more conversions. No one likes to wait on your website if it is loading too slow. An average loading speed of the website is less than 3 seconds and if it takes more time than that, almost 90% of the visitors will leave the site never come back. It also plays a major role in ranking sites on search engines like Google. These search engines rank websites higher with fast loading as they want to provide the best experience to their users.

Optimize for mobile devices

These days, almost 60% of users use their mobile devices to open a website as it is more convenient and devices are equipped with the technology they need. A professionally designed website should always be fully responsive. If you are planning to stay on top of your competitors, ensure that your website also has a mobile version. A mobile-optimized website will help you capture more leads and get more sales.
Responsive website design can help you resolve this issue. A fully responsive website works on almost all screen sizes. Additionally, search engines like Google also consider responsiveness as a ranking factor. Fully responsive websites get a better ranking on search engines than others that don’t.

Personalized Content

Content is the king. Your website should have professionally written, 100 percent unique, and informative content. It should provide all the information that users need on your website. It should answer all the questions that visitors might have regarding your services or content. Avoid using copied content.
There is no better way to impress and engage visitors on your site than content. Whether you are trying to capturing lead with pinpoints or delivering useful information to your visitors, always use high-quality and user-engaging content. Content is an advance and smart marketing strategy to generate more leads on your website. Good quality content can convince the visitors to make buying decisions.

Use Chat-Bots

A chatbot is a programming-based interface that can be used to interact and engage website visitors with a conversation. It is a little different than regular live chats on the website. In a live chat, you do conversations with agents who reply to your queries. However, in chatbots questions and answers are programmed in the system.
The above screenshot is an example of a chatbot. These chatbots can really help to capture leads, help customers complete certain actions or maybe answers frequently asked questions. It gives the feeling to visitors that someone is trying to help them. You can consider a chatbot as a website assistant. Using these on your website can help you capture more leads and get more sales.
These are the major components of a professional website that can help you grow your business. We at Enterprise Web Cloud are committed to delivering quality website design services, tailored specifically to your business needs. We create a perfect balance between the creativity and performance of the website. Partner with the right web development company that not only ensures the quality of performance but also good rankings on search engines like Google and Bing.

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