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Link Building Strategies | Search Engine Optimization


Why isn’t your link building strategy delivering the results you are looking for?

No longer is an effective link building strategy about quantity over quality. Link building is an essential part of dynamic search engine optimization (SEO).A study of 11.8 million Google search results was done. It revealed that the number one result has almost four times as many backlinks to rank two and 10, (Backlinks). These findings show that backlink profiles can impact your ranking. Unfortunately, many businesses continue to make mistakes in link building, which can cost them money and cause damage unknowingly to their rankings.In this blog, we will explain the common mistakes in link building that should be avoided and provide three tips for building links that are unique.

Common Mistakes in Link Building

Google Search Central (previously Google Webmasters) states that any link building strategy designed to manipulate Google’s PageRank could cause Google to penalize your site, causing damage to your overall link building SEO strategy and reducing your site traffic.Following are seven ways to make sure that this doesn’t happen:

1. Discounting User Intent

One of the biggest mistakes in link building is not paying attention to user intent. User intent is also called search intent or query intention. It refers to the user’s intent or goal in performing a search online. If you don’t consider user intent when writing SEO content, you will appear to be someone who doesn’t listen or isn’t care.Types of User Intent
  1. Informational: It usually includes words like “how,” what,” who, and when. E.g., How to get backlinks?
  2. Transactional: When the user is ready to purchase a product or service, include words like “download” and “buy”. E.g., Hire an expert in link building.
  3. Navigational: When the user is looking for a particular web page. E.g., Link building tips.
  4. Commercial: The user is considering options but is ready to buy, contains words like “best’ and “reviews”. E.g., Best SEO link building strategy.
When you create backlinks, you should keep user intent in mind as you write guest posts for relevant third-party websites.

2. Not Producing Link Worthy Content

Google prefers websites that build backlinks organically over buying or exchanging them. Your website will be more likely to earn backlinks naturally if you use white-hat SEO techniques and produce link worthy content. This means other websites will share your posts or cite you as their source.

3. Bad Outreach to Build Backlinks

Your outreach skills are crucial to the success of your link-building SEO strategy. You can be sure that your prospects will not receive your outreach emails and, worse still, they’ll tag you as spam. This could make your outreach campaign less effective.

4. Buy Backlinks Without Thinking

Google also considers buying links to manipulate their system or violate their Webmaster Guidelines. When you exchange money to purchase links or any other post that includes links. You can exchange products and services for links. Give someone “free” stuff so they can write about it and then link back to your website.Following are a few ways that your site could be penalized by link schemes. • Exaggerated exchanges of link • Large-scale marketing using guest posts or articles containing anchor text links that are keyword rich • Using automated programs to link to your site • Requiring a link in your Terms of Service, or any contract

5. Exact Anchor Text in Search Engine Optimization

Some people use exact match anchor text to increase their website’s ranking. An anchor text is clickable text in a hyperlink. This type of link is used to navigate between external and internal web pages. They can also be used on images but are most often identified by the blue text that automatically underlines itself if you hover your mouse over them.It is best to use anchor text that matches a keyword exactly. However, using too much or not including keyword variations can cause problems in your link building and search engine optimization efforts.This is due to two factors: • Google may consider excessive use of an exact anchor text spam, which could lead to your page’s ranking dropping. • Losing traffic could be caused by missing out on keyword variations that cover a wider range of search phrases.As a tip for link building: Be creative, or better yet, do keyword research. Avoid repeating the same anchor text.

6. Quality over Quantity

Many people fall for the trap of compromising quality in exchange for quantity when they launch a link-building strategy. The more backlinks the better. It is not always true. Each backlink is not equal in authority. There are some backlinks that could be harmful to your rankings, such as spammy links or low-quality ones. High-quality backlinks will be more effective than those that are low-quality. This is because they come from reliable, authoritative, and relevant websites. You should aim to create high-quality websites that link back to your site.

7. Missing Small, Yet Important Websites

The ideal sites to donate backlinks are those with high domain authority and that are relevant to your business niche. You will learn how to get high-quality links. However, you should not go overboard in your backlink prudence. It is important to avoid spammy links that contain duplicate or irrelevant information. However, small to medium-sized websites can be a good option if they produce quality content and are well-established within a niche like yours.

How to Get Backlinks Correctly and Fixing Link Building Mistakes

Following are three rare but highly effective link building strategies that many people don’t pay attention to.

1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is the process of finding a broken link on a website and creating similar content. Next, an outreach is sent out to the website that links to the dead resource in order to request them to link to our site.

2. Unlinked Mentions

You or your brand will be mentioned on many other websites without you linking to them. This is a good way to start earning backlinks. You just need to professionally pursue the sites mentioning you and convince them to link to your website.

3. Link Building for Community Sites

Forums, Reddit, and Quora are great places to promote your website, as well as build relevant backlinks that diversify your profile.Get the Best SEO Link Building Strategy from Enterprise Web Cloud If you find yourself making any of these mistakes too often, it is time to revaluate your strategy. If you find yourself getting lost in these errors, it’s time to seek immediate assistance from a link-building expert. You could also consider investing in search engine marketing (SEM), to help you rank higher than your competitors. The best SEO link building strategy is key to growing inbound leads.Enterprise Web Cloud offers link building services for businesses across a variety of industries. For a free analysis of your backlink profile, reach out to our team.

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