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Pedlars Cafe

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Pedlars Cafe Overview
Pedlars Cafe - Wholesale Coffee Seller
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Industry : Online Wholesale Coffee Seller


Pedlars Café Roasters is online wholesale coffee selller, who prepares Canada’s freshest and smoothest coffee that deliver at doorsteps. There coffee is 100% naturally roasted without any artificial flavours and preservatives. Coffee is sourced and roasted with the highest coffee standards to provide Canadians with the best coffee beans in Mississauga.

Pedlars Cafe only prepare Strong, Rich & Smooth Coffee in micro batches to maintain flavours and freshness that amuse you.

They want an easy solution – An Ecommerce Website to present the goodness of their coffee and sell it online.


Pedlard Roasters Club


Online Wholesale Coffee Seller


Website Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing

Thanks to our team, a new solution was quickly scoped and implemented. We developed a fully customized website loaded with all advanced eCommerce features.


Pedlars Cafe design and development of their website. They not only wanted to launch their brand with a new website but also needed complete branding. This included setting up a presence on the social media platforms, increasing brand visibility, searching target audience, and completing competitors analysis.
Our Work Process!!

From Concept To Market: We Engineer Projects For Superior Performance

Provided customer with appropriate view and access permissions to products, solutions, and reports with our experienced professionals.


After an in-depth evaluation, we delivered recommendations that included stabilizing and upgrading their eCommerce solution. With streamlining functionality, reliability, and developing a roadmap for strategically planning to support organizational growth.
The report provided to the client covered all of the topics in our standard ITA, along with a high-level look at the client’s network and suggestions for strategic direction. To help implement the plan’s recommendations and carry out further strategic consulting, we provided a tailored website design & digital marketing services plan.
Improved efficiency, leveraged technology, and provided better customer experiences with the modern technology services available all over the world.
The first step is to collect all the information about the client’s industry including their business requirements, target audience, products, specialties, competitors, etc.
Combined with decades of experience, our skilled personnel utilized all the information regarding products, customers, and competitors. Ecommerce platform WordPress Woocommerce was chosen carefully, keeping the client’s business needs in mind.
Started to develop eCommerce store taking with collected data. We ensured that the whole checkout process is flawless with easy checkout, clear product navigation, and subscription.
Our team went through a systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing Pedlars Cafe website. The aim is to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.
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