Search Engine Optimization for Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Digital Marketing

Over the last few decades, the face of Digital Marketing has changed drastically from using free floppy disks containing the digital ad content in 1980s to today’s time of internet driven Digital Marketing campaign. People from every walk of life are connected through internet. This huge networking has evoked a tremendous potential for online marketing which is being beneficial to a large number of enterprises.
The key Digital Marketing techniques are Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Search Engine Marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM)Social Media Optimization (SMO) and e-mail direct marketing. Basically, the vital component of digital marketing is to make the client’s website visible in the search engine results which is made possible through key words insertion and regulating the key words density in the content of the website and advertisements which is the main characteristic of SEO and SEM.
Not just the mode but also the approach of Digital Marketing is shifting from a linear to non-linear where emphasis is laid on omni-channel marketing strategies to ensure internet presence on all the possible platforms of social media interactions like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and popular platforms like Youtube and Pinterest. This multimodal approach is highlighted in SMM and SMO and thus incorporates social media platforms as a potential marketing base.


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