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SEO trends

SEO trends likely to gain momentum in 2018


We’re already a month and a half deep in the new year and it’s time for a quick review of the latest trends that’ll dominate the SEO scene in 2018. Sometimes we run after the complex strategies while what works simply lies in front of our eyes and we choose to ignore these simple things in life. That’s the case with the latest trends that are more likely to be harnessed for increasing SERP ranking of a website from now onwards.

SEO and Digital Marketing experts at Enterprise Web Cloud firmly believe that the following SEO strategies if implemented can revolutionize the way we do searches and how pages are ranked.

SEO Strategies

Voice Searches
Confessed that we’re doing it much less often than we should. But with time, more refined voice searches will become more frequent than we can estimate. By 2020, nearly 50 % of online searches will be voice based.

We can give the credit for this prediction to our increased ease with multitasking. While doing more than one thing at once, who has the time to type in search bars.

How voice search helps?

You wondered why you should opt for Local Business Listings? That’s why.

Voice searches are mainly focused on local searches like the nearest gas station and so on.

Google’s Pigeon Update plays an important role as it effectively sorts local search results and aids local searches.

Changing keyword strategy to include common phrases used during voice searches.

We may feel that voice recognition is a little rough around the edges but that’s being worked upon as we speak.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

It’s no secret that everybody loves fast loading web pages. Ideally, a web page must not take more than 3 seconds to load.

Special mention goes to mobile websites design. Developers commit a common mistake of neglecting mobile websites and primarily focus on how their websites are performing on desktops. But let’s not forget close to 3 billion smartphone users worldwide. Today, every website is responsive design based aimed at reaping the benefits of smartphone boom. Here AMP progresses to make web experience better for everyone.

In the beginning, AMPs were less functional versions of the same web pages and thus, their reduced loading time was attributed to their reduced functionality. But today AMPs are feature packed and not merely stripped down versions of original web pages. As a matter of fact, these are being used by leading e-commerce portals such as eBay, Amazon, Ali Express and more.

Due to their fast loading feature, they naturally rank higher on mobile searches and provide better visibility to a website. All you need is a good website development team that knows how to go about turning a mobile website into an AMP.


While our world leaders are emphasizing on development with a human face, things might become a  little different on internet in the coming days. User interaction with human correspondents will become scarce as Chatbots may fill the void.

Chatbots are gaining popularity as the first line of user interaction as they offer certain benefits such as

Minimum response time

24X7 availability

More efficient

Cost effective

Easily programmable

With the advent of artificial intelligence, machine learning can be instilled in Chatbots so they can learn as they interact.

Emphasis on User Experience

It’s no surprise that we find what we seek on the internet. That’s because Google is repeatedly working on its algorithms in order to offer optimal user experience. Rank Brain is one such algorithm under the overall search algorithm Hummingbird.

It’s focused on sorting the data to match the search to provide what the user was looking for in the first place. That’s made possible through the machine learning that learns from user behaviour and improvises its data segregation to give users exactly what they need. The user signals taken into consideration include click through to view through ratio, time spend on a web page, frequency of visiting a particular web page, bounce rates etc.

SEO team worldwide will thus have to emphasize on quality content rather than quantity content. Quality content that answers user’s need will result in low bounce rate. Such a content filled website will automatically rank higher than its counterparts.

This is just a overview of the current prevalent SEO trends to look forward to. The need for a competent SEO team such as Enterprise Web Cloud in Brampton is indispensable for properly implementing these trends.

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