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Shopify, Mangento and woocommerce

Shopify, Magento, Or WooCommerce – Which Is Better For You?


In this high time, more and more consumers prefer to shop at online stores. It increases competition among entrepreneurs who are looking for high growth and revenue. If you are one of those who is planning to launch an online store, then you must move with the right e-commerce platform. The list is big but the most popular platforms that have taken the E-commerce industry by storm are Shopify, Magento, and woocommerce.

Choosing the best among the three is indeed arduous. These e-commerce platforms are leading with over 2.5 Million stores together. The things that differentiate them from each other are their structure, features, and customization. Before you choose any and start with any e-commerce website design, it is good to have a deep understanding of each platform along with its pros and cons. Many e-commerce website design Mississauga helps you pick the e-commerce platform that best suits business needs.

An Explanation on Magento, woocommerce, and Shopify


It is one of the most powerful E-commerce platforms to develop online shopping stores. Based on open-source PHP, Magento carries custom functionalities and features that an entrepreneur wishes. It works as an independent application, which means you need to get self-hosting on your own. Flexibility is something that makes this e-commerce platform popular all over the globe.


Secure and free to download

Allows to customize the website as per need

Handle multiple applications with plugins


Requires self-hosting

Not easy to set up and requires expert developers


Like Magento, it is another e-commerce platform that is in high demand these days. Both beginner and experienced entrepreneurs can use this platform to sell their services. Thanks to its in-built hosting. A user can take full advantage of it. The Shopify e-commerce platform is easy to use and set up. It allows the user to upload products in categories and manage customer orders with ease.


Ideal for beginners and startups

Easy to set up with coding knowledge

In-built hosting feature


Available with limited plugins and themes.


Woocommerce is an e-commerce platform that works as a plugin, especially for wordpress users. It is free and designed to turn the wordpress website into a shopping store. Carries incredible features, this e-commerce plugin brings countless benefits to the business owners. For the woocommerce platform, you can get any kind of hosting, either paid or free.


Free of cost

Easy to install or customize on wordpress site


Limited features are free. You have to pay for more extensions.

Magento, woocommerce, Shopify – A Deep Comparison

There are some parameters one needs to compare before choosing an e-commerce platform. Let’s discuss them one by one:

In Terms Of Functionality

If we talk about the e-commerce platform that offers you incredible functionality, then the name is Magento. It includes features like cart tracking and discount options that are missing in most platforms. This is the reason this platform is expensive as compared to Shopify and woocommerce. Make sure to leave the job of setting up the platform up to a professional Magento developer.

For small businesses, Shopify and woocommerce are more ideal options. These platforms are easy to set up and customize. All that means one can save money without paying to a technical expert.

In Terms Of Customization

Magento and woocommerce provide users with incredible customization options whereas Shopify allows users to work only with its pre-defined features. And the leader among the three is the Magento as it offers you unlimited options in templates, themes, and plugins. This platform is fully SEO-friendly and delivers the utmost flexibility and performance.

Woocommerce platform is also available with incredible themes but no much like the Magento platform. Among them, Shopify lack behind as it comes with costly themes and add-ons over others.

 In Terms of Security

Security is a must if you are going to launch an E-commerce website. If it is not there, then there are higher chances that the performance of the e-commerce website slows down. The most secure e-commerce platform is Shopify but the packages are expensive for many. On the other hand, woocommerce inherits security from WordPress that gives rise to severe human errors. It means this e-commerce platform is the wrong choice in terms of security.

So, Magento is again the winner here! This platform is highly recommended as it is a blend of high-level performance and security. An effective upgrade is made in its few areas like password encryption, authentication, and library support.

In Terms Of SEO Friendly

Magento is the most SEO-friendly E-commerce platform as compared to the Shopify and Magento. The reason is that it includes in-built settings such as optimization of images/Meta tags, robots. Text files editing, and more.

Shopify is in the second position. It provides users with optimization and quick page load, helping to achieve fruitful SEO results. On the other hand, woocommerce is also SEO ready but is not prominent much like Magento and Shopify.

In Terms Of Budget

All those who have a limited budget to run an E-commerce platform, then they can go with the choice of woocommerce. It is completely free. Shopify is the paid one but the good thing is that it includes in-built hosting. There is no need to invest separately. Whereas Magento is also open-source and its basic version is available at free cost. You have to pay for the enterprise version if you want to include multiple features on your website.

Bottom Line

Based on the above comparison, it concludes that there is a tight completion among the three – Magento, woocommerce, and Shopify. But, if you have big plans and enough budgets to turn your E-commerce business into a win, then Magento is the best solution. All you need the support of a Magento Developer having the right knowledge to handle your e-commerce needs. We at Enterprise Web Cloud offer our clients the best E-commerce web design in Mississauga with their needs in mind. Our E-commerce packages are affordable and fit every budget. Contact us today.

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