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SMM Tips: Tactics to enhance social engagement on Instagram


Social Media Marketing has become an important tool for internet marketing. Everyday, millions of users access popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here, Instagram deserves a special mention owing to its simplicity and ease of use. It epitomizes the saying, “Pictures speak louder than words”. But how to reap the desired benefits out of it?

There are two things to consider here. One scenario is that you are using Instagram as an individual and you’re just after the following of any kind to make your page popular. The second scenario is that your Instagram account is the official page of your business and you’re looking for a following of a particular nature. Here the motive is to attract the target audience rather than just increasing the following. For the latter, some strategies are employed which we’ll discuss here.

Relevant hashtags

If you want to highlight your business, you must use relevant hashtags that help in brand building. Put in your brand name hashtags in all your posts. This also creates excellent opportunities for external linking which is a great way to promote your business.

Use trending hashtags

Look for hashtags that relate to your particular niche and are trending. Strategy planning is important and one crucial strategy is to be in line with what people on social media are talking about.

Stay true to your business

The focus should always remain to promote your business rather than garnering massive following. It’s better to stay away from memes and such sensational stuff just to up your following. That way, users won’t be able to place you anywhere. So post only relevant posts. For example, if yours is an apparel store, you can post snippets from your latest collection. Everything from your display pic to your posts should be in sync with what you do.

Repost the popular posts

Look back and see which posts of yours have been the most popular. You can repost the popular posts to gain maximum following and keep reminding users what they liked the most in your page. Use intriguing images that have the power to engage users.

Synchronize posting with target users

Choose the time of posting wisely. Post when you know that your target audience will be online. Sometimes, our best posts can go unnoticed due to bad timing.

Analyze user behaviour

When you analyze the previous posts, the posts that got maximum likes, the time of posting that got maximum response, and other such attributes, you’ll be able to come up with a better SMM strategy every time. It’s important to analyze target user behaviour and act accordingly.

Post regularly

It’s not a good thing to keep your followers waiting. Post regularly, if possible daily. That’ll keep your followers hooked and looking forward for more.

Specific call to action

Just because it’s Instagram doesn’t mean you can’t use call to action in your posts. You must squeeze it in wherever and however possible. For example, you can ask users to tag their friends in a particular scenic destination wedding if that’s your niche. Call to action enhances user interaction which is fairly important.

There are specific strategies for specific social media platforms that you use. Whatever you do, stay away from strategies that promise instant gratification. They might work individually but they’re a bad idea when it comes to a business establishment. For best social media marketing in Toronto, Contact Enterprise Web Cloud, the experts in the field.

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