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Social Media Marketing Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy


Social media marketing (SMM) is now a must-have strategy for brands. It’s simple: most people use at least one social media platform today. You should also consider the recent trends that holiday sales have been increasing year-over-year. There is no doubt that holiday shopping, and more specifically online shopping, can generate a lot of revenue.

* The projected growth rate for eCommerce sales during the 2024 holiday season varies across sources. While some sources mention a 4.9% growth in overall U.S. online holiday sales in the November-through-December 2023 period

1. Others predict a 3.1% year-over-year retail spending gain from the 2023 holiday season.

2. Additionally, holiday sales climbed by 3.8% year over year to $964.4 billion, reflecting a reversion to more typical pre-pandemic levels.
3. These varying growth rates indicate a positive trend in eCommerce sales during the holiday season, with estimates ranging from around 3% to nearly 5% based on different data sources.

Why create a marketing plan for social media and other digital channels?

Google reports that 4 percent of holiday shoppers have not used digital shopping channels. This suggests that more than 90 percent of holiday shoppers shop online.

Why create holiday marketing campaigns?

It is beneficial to run holiday campaign strategies to profit from the holiday shopping rush. According to McKinsey & Company’s 2024 Consumer Pulse Survey:

  • This survey suggests that companies should focus on creating consumer-centric strategies to meet the evolving demands and expectations of consumers in the market
  • The survey data collected by McKinsey & Company offers valuable information for businesses looking to align their strategies with consumer preferences and market trends.

Why holiday marketing campaigns are necessary for small businesses?

The economic pandemic is now in its third year. Goldman Sachs recently surveyed small businesses and found that 71% were adversely affected by the increase in COVID-19(Omicron) cases. 37% had to close their operations temporarily or completely.

The survey results indicate that small business owners are generally optimistic about their financial trajectory in 2024, with 75% expressing optimism, up from 68% in the previous year.

Small businesses in the USA consider holiday shopping essential to their financial well-being. Despite the fierce competition, it is essential to use proven social media and digital marketing strategies to survive these difficult times.

The importance of expert marketing plans:

  1. A strategy gives brands the power of targeting: A small business would typically try to increase organic social media traffic without the assistance of a social media expert. Many strategies can be used even with the best materials. Research is the cornerstone of any marketing campaign. Successful campaigns require the identification of customer segments, the best channels to send brand messages, and the right timing. It is important to adjust many parameters in order to reach your target audience at the best time. These require knowledge, skills, and access to analytics tools and technical skills.
  2. Campaigns that are expertly executed promise the highest ROI: A specialist is a great holiday marketing tip, especially for paid social media campaigns. An expert in search engine optimization (SEO), and a social media specialist can help brands create solid strategies to take advantage of the holiday shopping rush. Although they come at a cost, their services can increase success rates and improve return on investment (ROI).

Social Media Marketing Tips

The main difference between a general and holiday social media marketing strategy is the timing and theme. Here are some social media marketing tips that can be used for any marketing activity.

  • This will not only provide users with relevant information but also improve the customer experience by making the process simpler. These include direct links to specific products/services and one-click access from any social network.

  • Offer free products that are related to the product you have purchased to strengthen your relationships. Disposable containers and utensils can be provided by restaurants for food delivery. A small token can go a long way to building customer loyalty and relationships.

  • Help customers reach their goals. For example, customers can be helped to understand how to use products and services by providing relevant content. For example, you might consider exercise equipment. You can have newsletters sent by the company that offers different ways to use your product or healthy living tips.

  • Marketers can present products to customers in many different ways. One of the best marketing tips for social media is to address customers’ pain points and needs. Samsung, for instance, is focusing on the S22’s camera technology to appeal to those who appreciate high-quality videos and photos. The product page is a good example of this strategy, with a large portion of the page devoted to photography.

  • Get to know your target customers. This can be achieved by marketers conducting research and analyzing the market segments. Only after a thorough understanding of the market segments can tailor-made marketing campaigns be created.

  • Create urgency by offering special discounts or other offers. Time-sensitive offers are often a good idea. This strategy can be used throughout the year to “persuade consumers” to act before it is too late.

How to Develop Holiday Marketing Campaigns

A holiday campaign is a traditional social media marketing plan that includes a special event. These holiday marketing tips can be used to attract organic and paid social media leads.

  1. Get to know the holidays and attract customers early
  2. Find out what customers want
  3. Choose the right social media platforms
  4. Make a holiday campaign

Each campaign should have a goal that meets one stage of the buyer’s journey. Usually, the goals of the sales funnel are to generate awareness and create leads. Next, narrow the funnel to qualified leads and convert them into sales. Timing is crucial. It is not a good idea to concentrate on awareness when customers are expected to purchase products.

Get the most out of holiday campaigns with a social media expert

It’s easy to create holiday social media marketing campaigns. To capture more qualified leads, you must run ads and promotions before consumers are ready to purchase.

When creating a holiday or seasonal social marketing strategy for social media, there are two things you should keep in mind:

* Find out what your customers are looking for
* Choose the right social media platform

Contact us at 647-390-1000 for more information about specific strategies that you can use during the holiday season. Our Social media marketing experts Mississauga can help you personalize seasonal marketing strategies that drive leads for your business.

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