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The Most Powerful Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO

The Most Powerful Ways To Use Google Trends For SEO Discover obscured strategies for keyword research with the best tool offered by Google—‘Google Trends’ and reinforce your SEO strategy. Google Trends is the only keyword research tool that proposes real-time insights on what users search. Here, we will help you implement sure-shot strategies that will help you retrieve result-driven keywords and hidden insights on SEO.
Google Trends is a valuable tool for those striving day and night to get recognized on digital platforms. It provides data and graphical analysis of search terms on Google and YouTube. It is useful for identifying trending topics within an industry or field and discovering search trends based upon geographical parameters.

Let us learn how to use Google Trends tools to gain a competitive edge and improve your SEO practices.

Conduct Free Keyword Research

Simply, enter a specific search term in the search box on Google Trends’ landing page. It will run a search for the keyword you entered and pull out a graph based on the popularity of that keyword over a fixed duration. You can also search your keyword over some time of your choice, such as over the last month, last six months, the last two years, etc.

Related Popular Searches

Google Trends is the most commendable tool for searching keywords that will keep outgrowing. It allows you to identify related popular searches close to your search term. Therefore, you can secure # 1 on the search engine result page even before the keyword runs mainstream.

Keyword Comparison

You can pull out highly accurate data by comparing prospective keywords. You can foresee traffic and visualize your search term with the help of Google Trends. If you search for a specific keyword, this tool will show you whether that search term has enough traffic or not. If the search traffic is turning upward, the returning graph will show that the keyword is trending upward, else downwards.

Short Term Trends Bring Massive Traffic

Google Trends can define short-term trending keywords that can help you pull out a ton of traffic on your site. You can try comparing keywords, such as the ‘most’ or the ‘best’ in a 90-day search or a 30-day search. And check out which has more traffic and put in your SEO efforts accordingly.

Keywords Based on Geographical Searches

This tool efficiently helps you decide your keywords based on your location. It further helps in better content creation based on region, content promotion, link building, etc.

Use Specific Search Options

As earlier mentioned, using the ‘related queries’ search option can help you decide which keywords you should work upon and which not. You can further categorize your search to target potential audience, here’s how:
  • Web Search
  • News search
  • Image search
  • Shopping Search
  • Your tube Search
Categorized and refined search is highly beneficial for SEO as it inspires you to follow new trends.

Google Trends Tool is the free and best tool offered by Google to go beyond the basic SEO approach. The key is to keep experimenting and keep exploring. Need help to understand SEO concepts or want to get SEO services for your business, Enterprise Web Cloud can help. Contact us today to supercharge your online presence.

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