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Top 10 SEO tips to make your site into Google Top 10


Site Optimization is as important as site development and figuring out the methods and ways to improve the SEO optimization for your site is also very crucial. Target and potential audience get easily converted if your site is working precisely and has good SEO for drawing the attention of a variety of users. A site whose main goal is to have advanced conversions, particularly,  have higher and better measurements and metrics and with this, it can be ranked at a higher place in Google. 

The Basic structure remains the same, but a few modifications get added and there are some quick and easy yet best SEO tips to rank your site into Google Top 10.

The selection of the right keyword is the utmost important thing for solving the riddle of search engine optimization. Keywords help in uncovering the real battle of the users.

In this context, there are numerous techniques, but the confusion lies in choosing the right one and sticking to it safely while ignoring the others. Certain questions can arise in your mind these may be regarding the link building process. Should you devote all your time to on-page SEO and title composition for driving better traffic to your website.

It is harsh to tell you that if you are not positioned in the top 10 outcomes for your selected keyword, your site’s presence might get invisible on Google. Following the basic and some specific steps, you can rank your website in a higher position on Google.

Let’s try to make it simpler for you by sharing 10 SEO tips, have a look.

  1. User-Experience and User-Intent
  2. Getting useful content is the motive behind searching for anything on google. User Experience and expectation are the priority of Google. Google checks whether the user-satisfaction is achieved or not and the websites that are ranked in the top 10 fulfill the kind of litmus test.

    In 2021, this is a really important concept to understand to avoid mistakes in the future.  This can be easily understood by considering an example. For instance, if the users search for how to “make onion hair oil at home”, they should get the methods for making hair oil only rather than getting pages that sell onion hair oil.

    Google is brilliant to understand the needs of the customers. This is a short example to understand user-intent. Here is a tip that makes the content engaging and useful. While selecting the keyword, user-intent should be taken care of.

    There are four types of search intent like informational where people search for getting relevant answers to their queries, navigational where the visitor tries to get to the desired website such as the famous site Facebook.

    Commercial user-intent is specifically for any product or it is not known clearly, and in transactional search-intent, a user is aimed at buying.

  3. Growth of Organic traffic
  4. No huge investment is required for attracting organic traffic to your website, let me tell you it’s free. Pay per click in comparison to this is a bit expensive. The only thing you need to do to drive organic traffic is to pay for the promotion and development of content.

    Just at a specific point pay attention to the nearby rates of those searchers who show up to your website through paid ads, because there is a huge difference in the closing of paid and organic searches. If your organic search requires you to spend some money and time, don’t be afraid of doing that because the outcome will be more effective conversions.

  5. Power up your site to work enthusiastically
  6. As mentioned before website creation should not be your only goal, a website should be good at conversion too. A normal conversion rate is under 2.5 percent across all the ventures. You can expect the higher conversion rates of your target audiences only when you can fulfill their needs. Conversions are zero without huge traffic.

  7. Off-page SEO
  8. Referred to as off-site SEO, it is also effective to optimize your website through external links. SEO can be improved by influencer marketing, guest blogging, and marketing via influencers.

  9. Speed of website
  10. Web site and page speed matter a lot. It is an important factor for both SEO and getting conversions. A website that takes a long loading time is never visited again. Users easily give up on such sites that take a long time.  Insights should be taken for checking page speed. Google’s PageSpeed Insights can be used to check your speed.

  11. Authoritative and quality backlinks
  12. Several changes are already in the realm of SEO optimization.  After the change in Google’s algorithm backlinks are still considered. Backlinks act as a voting system for your website and help in ranking. A higher number of quality backlinks will automatically increase the ranking of your website.

  13. Mobile optimized website
  14. If your website is user-friendly and equally responsive on mobile then you can be in the better rank as Mobile-first index has been launched by Google.

  15. Keywords in URL
  16. In SEO practices, URL structures are also a matter that is overlooked. If the URL is good and reflects the idea about the web page, it is considered a good practice. Short URLs should be used, stop words should be removed, and target keywords should be always there in your Url.

  17. Publish long article content
  18. Keep it very clear in your mind that writing long-form of articles has been always helpful for getting ranked on Google. Articles with the content length of more than 3000 get more traffic. So publishing long content is quite helpful.

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