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Top 10 Website Development Trends in 2021 Every Business Should Know.


Website development is an essential and inseparable part of any enterprise or organization. With the evolving and rapid changes in website development, website developers also need to update with the ongoing trends to accelerate business growth. Every organization is in very high competition to rank their online presence higher and so is the reason they find new innovative ideas for the exponential growth of the business.

Website is the face of the company and defines its credibility, you cannot think of it only as a block of code. Something that grew on a rich scale in 2020 was no code applications and analyzing that it will be a big trend in 2021 too. Organizations are changing and doing required modifications to be superior in the list and sync with their desired hierarchical goals.

Keep an eye on the latest trends as we figured them out for you

  1. Night theme or dark theme
  2. Yes, you got it right!! This is the dark mode you always opt to use in your mobile applications. The website trend is also going towards the dark theme as it reduces the stress on the eyes and you do not get excessive strain on your eyes. Moreover, dark themes are safe and mostly the requirements come for the dark themes. It enhances the user-interface making it decent and sophisticated. One of the famous trends for 2021 in website development is the dark theme and the big colossus have already applied it.

  3. Single page websites or apps
  4. No difference in this trend that became famous in 2020. The origin of the single page application was to save user’s time and reduce the loading speed of the web pages from the server. So, this trend is going on and will remain as it avoided the lengthy server communication that usually leaves a bad impact on visitors and users of the website. Now no more page reloading time.  Examples: Trello, Github, Twitter, etc.

  5. Progressive website development
  6. There is already a talk in the town regarding the user-friendliness, easy navigation, less loading time, and smooth working of PWAs. The progressive web apps are websites that work like mobile applications. The trend is further going to dominate the website sector in 2021.  The PWAs transfigured the trend by giving the mobile like functionalities without downloading the application. Some big giants of industry like Amazon, Twitter, etc are trying to jump the bandwagon to minimize the bounce rates.

  7. Expert System
  8. The expert system will be in huge demand in the coming years and clients are more focused on AI-powered chatbots on their websites. As soon as the users land on the pages chatbot keeps them engaged with fast responses. The drifting rates will be reduced and chatbots are well-trained in providing fast solutions. Natural processing language is used for developing convenient and cognitively intelligent chatbots. Moreover, applying AI to your websites helps you in predicting the choices of different users.

  9. Voice recognition technology
  10. Humans are becoming lazy and so technology is taking advantage. The gadgets that require no manual work and just recognize voice are trending and in the website development sector voice search and navigation is going to be above in 2021. This is something the website sector cannot ignore.

  11. Website security
  12. Websites hold data of their customers and mostly the data is sensitive and hackers are on a continuous look to breach the data. In the year 2021, the main security protocol that every web developer will put in place is HTTPS. This protocol ensures no threat of data breach or exposure from a third party. Even Google warns before using these unsafe websites.

  13. Cloud computing
  14. Cloud services according to Gartner’s report are going to increase and grow in 2021 by $306.9 billion. Cloud technology is going to be the dominating king as it provides global solutions and it enhances data security by preventing data loss and data overload.  Entire architecture gets strong with cloud computing in use.

  15. 5G technologies will be unique
  16. 5G is the coming future and is faster than the current 4G. Due to the features and advantages of 5g like low latency, high speed, intensified capacity, etc, it is going to be in trend. 5G is ruling the website development sector and developers and designers need to be updated with all the coming trends.

  17. Motion designs
  18. With the motion designs on the website, you can easily attract users and gain their attention. At the stage of UX/UI development, the motion designs are observed to embed appropriately. It enhances the uniqueness of the website thus giving an alluring look. The page headers do specific transitions and a great scrolling experience is observed. Surely, it is on the trending list.

  19. 3D designs
  20. 3D designs and visuals in your website will for sure add a sincere and better impression and it tempts the user to remain glued and observe the 3D graphics and visuals. In the UX part of the web, 3D effects have already made their place and now it’s going to trend a lot. Gaming technologies are the biggest implementors of 3D motion and designs.


    It’s really hard to manage and implement all the trending things but what can be done is keeping a watch on them and moving forward.

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