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SEO Mistakes

5 Common SEO mistakes you should not make


Google is constantly evolving its algorithms, paying more heed towards quality versus quantity. If you’re still sticking with your old SEO strategies that worked for you previously, it’s time for a rain check. Are you considering changing search trends? What different you’re doing for improving local business ranking?

We are enumerating the following SEO mistakes you might be making that’s costing you a robust online presence.

Not having a Google’s My Business Profile Page

Google’s My Business Profile Page is quite beneficial for local businesses. Local business listing is important no matter how many people say it’s a passé. Creating a Business Profile Page with Google and verifying it is what is going to highlight your website in case of local searches.

Keywords based on old search trends

While keyword selection, did you consider Google’s voice searches? Many people search online through Google’s voice feature may be while driving or doing a run. This changes the whole keyword strategy. I mean, you must have asked Google at some point,” Where’s the nearest Gas station?” or ,” The best restaurant in Toronto.” See, a major shift in how keywords are selected for local businesses. Are you listening?

Not checking for Duplicate Listings

If you are doing it yourself, it’s a lousy practice and it’s not getting you any rankings. Just know that single business location means single Google’s My Business Profile Page. Keep on checking using Moz Local Tool if your business has more than one listing. If so, request Google to take down the duplicates.

Low-quality, irrelevant links

Where outbound and inbound links can majorly boost up your online presence by bringing in more traffic, there is a word of caution. Bad quality, inauthentic and irrelevant links can do more harm than good. Link building is a tricky business and it’s advised you seek professional help, such as Enterprise Web Cloud. Their SEO packages deliver more than what’s bargained for.

Lack of responsive website design and mobile optimization

It is a grave mistake for your website. You are losing out on the huge potential of mobile searches which is dominating the scene today. Not just responsive but retina ready websites are the new trend that adapt according to different screen resolutions.

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