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Running an e-commerce store is significantly exciting, but not all retailers make good. Have you ever wondered what is the reason behind failing? Not a single factor that opposes one to turn a profit; the common is competition or another, a lack of necessary extensions. It is no denying to say that Magento 2 is the winner among the several E-commerce frameworks due to its in-built features. But every business is unique and added functions might not be sufficient to fulfill the needs of specific. If you are an online retailer, then you must deliver the best user experience not only with the Best E-commerce Website Design Toronto but also using the top extensions. After all, they play a great role in easing the functionality of the store and help bring sales.

As there are so many options when it comes to Magento 2 extensions, it is quite challenging to go with the best ones. We are here to describe the top extensions that make a great difference for your business.

Google Map Store Locator

One of the top Magento 2 extensions that help you list E-commerce business on world mapping. This extension also allows you to add the description along with contact details so that customers can easily find you and get the products that are interested in buying. Your valuable customer can see the complete list of your stores and whatever you are selling on each. With the addition of this extension, one as an E-commerce owner increase conversions, revenue, and exposure.

Order Status & Tracking

When it comes to becoming a successful E-commerce retailer, there are so many aspects one needs to focus on. And one of the important is managing the orders. It is necessary for keeping the store run smoothly and customers happy whenever they visit. The addition of extension allows the customers to get the transparency of their orders; further, turn them into sales. A customer can track order details without getting login into the store.

One Step/Page checkout

If you want to increase the store’s revenue, then go with the optimization of the checkout page. Means, you can now minimize the steps of check out with the popular One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension. It is a great alternative to make the users simply checkout by considering all the steps into one single page. Further, a user-friendly checkout experience helps in growing the revenue. Do not wait and get this extension as it can do a lot for your e-store.

Store Manager Connector

This Magento 2 extension helps the E-commerce retailers to take their business to the new level. It is something in which one can handle the inventory through a dedicated control channel and in a more efficient way. Plus, retailers have a great opportunity to enhance the visibility and have easy control over the business operations. With the addition of Store Manager Connector, one can maximize the profits and tailor operations as per the customers’ needs. So, just simply download the extension, install it inside the store, and start managing order in the best possible way.

Magento 2 – Blog Extension

No matter one has owned a small, medium, or large business site, there is always require a blog section for more exposure and attention from customers. Blogs indeed play an important role on site as per the marketing view. The Magento 2 extension – Blog Extension is right to go option for your store as it allows you to manage a pool of blogs with much ease and keep your customers aware of all the latest announcements about the products. Also, this extension offers a way to import posts from the existing ones.

Shop By Brand Extension

One more amazing extension of Magento 2 for increasing the revenue. Shop By Brand allows the E-commerce store owners to display their products based on the brand that is chosen by the specific customer. It allows us to show the listing sidebar on the page in alphabetical order, which further helps customers view the products of the same brand in a hassle-free manner. Also, it makes the shopping experience much fun for customers and helps bring more engagement and conversions to the store.

Social Login Extension – Mageplaza

Social login is one more amazing Magento 2 extension that not only helps impress the customers but also turn them into revenue. It is advantageous to have social media login installed on your store as it offers a quick way for a customer to log into the website. There is no need to follow any kind of complex registration process and one with a Magentoaccount can integrate it into social media accounts easily.

With the release of Magento 2, the need for new extensions has become a major requirement for online retailers. Hope! Our above-listed extensions will bring more than your expectations with no inconvenience at all. For best Magento Website Design Brampton, feel free to contact us today.

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