Top Reasons Why Your Website is Slow Loading

Owning a website is a crucial business strategy to step up sales and establish better B2C relations. You invest a lot of resources, energy, and time into getting one made for your business. But everything goes to waste if your website is slow loading.

According to a survey, the websites that took longer time to load were placed lower in Google’s SERPs. That means Google takes into account loading time of your website to rank it in search results. Moreover, slow websites have less viewer traffic and will be automatically placed lower than others in search results.

So why is this happening? Enterprise Web Cloud, is leading a firm of web design, sheds light over the possible reasons why your website is loading slower than necessary.

Network Issues

At times, the slow loading website is caused by network problems. We’re usually too fast to attribute it to server problems whereas it might be your local network that’s creating the problem. To make sure it’s not your network, you can run website through a proxy server or load some other website. If website loads okay on a proxy server, you know that the website is fine and is loading fast when rerouted through a different local area network. Once we know that network is the culprit, you can be rest assured that your website is fine.

Device Issues

Sometimes the issue is with the device itself. It’s a known fact that older operating system versions get slower with more demanding apps and websites coming into the scene. At times, a website fails to load in one device while it loads perfectly in another device. Website compatibility should be checked with older and newer OS versions to avoid slow loading.

Slow Web Hosting

If you fell in the trap of free Web hosting, then you’re trapped in the prison of your own making. The reason thus of your slow loading website is the slow server. A slow server sends data to browser on a slow rate and that leads to a low performing website. Free or low quality Web hosting services usually results in this issue. It’s good to avail services of a reputed and resourceful Web hosting service provider to make sure your website doesn’t keep people waiting.


If your website used to load fine in the beginning but lost its touch over the years, the problem may lie with the database. It’s because over the years, as your website accrues more data and becomes more complex on the way, the server has to send more data to browser and that takes time. That means website loading is slower than what it used to be before.

An expert website development team can run diagnostics to know what really is the reason for your slow loading website. If you’re planning to get a website made to notch up your business, get in touch with a good Web hosting service providers like Enterprise Web Cloud, the best choice for web design in Mississauga. Given our reduced attention span, a fast loading website is the only way to achieve optimal viewer engagement.