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Top SEO Strategies for 2019 you should consider

Search Engine Optimization

With the advent of new year, Google has made some changes which can pose some challenges to Search Engine Optimization teams worldwide. Some of these changes are noteworthy like indexing of pages according to mobile searches, lesser pop-up ads and removal of right side ads. So now, the core focus has shifted towards mobile optimization and driving online traffic through meaningful content.According to statistics, 33% of users don’t go beyond Google’s first page search results. That says a lot regarding how important it is to plan an effective SEO strategy. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization team at Enterprise Web Cloud, Mississauga, proposes 4 key Search Engine Optimization strategies to work upon if one seeks a commendable position on Google’s first page search results which is a much coveted position.

Don’t Restrict Your Traffic Sources

Diversify your online traffic sources as much as possible. Post blogs on multiple websites, create and add videos on various video publishing websites instead of sticking onto a handful of choices. Along with that, make absolute use of social media platforms to reach a greater audience. Be sure to diversify your content as well according to the platform you are using and according to the target audience.

Keyword Targeting Strategies must Evolve with Time

Times are changing and so are the ways in which people search on Google. Then why your keywords are the same all along? It’s not like they’re going to feel desolated. Instead, evolve your keyword targeting strategy. Make use of Google AdWords or HubSpot’s Keyword App to find out the most relevant keywords that’ll get your website closer to your target audience.
Also, use of LSI keywords is quite useful in driving more traffic through your blog.

Attain a Scalable Link Building Strategy

Link building is and always will be a very important component of an effective SEO strategy. It might not show any results initially and you might think it to be a futile attempt but over time, consistent link building reaps desired results for sure. Link building involves inbound and outbound link building.
Inbound links points towards your website whereas an outbound link directs towards other specific and authentic web pages/websites. Link building is a long term investment of money, time, patience and effort. But it shows results nonetheless. Although, with the implementation of short term strategies, it is possible to achieve results in a short time such as guest posting and sponsored content (if they are not viewed as spam).

Take Rank Brain into Consideration

Google has introduced Rank Brain, a new machine-learning algorithm that analyzes search behavior of users and helps to determine search engine ranking of web page after analyzing determinants such as click through rates and time-on-page to assess real time performance of a web page.

In order to optimize your website according to Rank Brain, certain strategies have to be kept in mind such as:
• Think like the target audience and try to answer their supposed queries instead of blindly focusing on a set of keywords.
• Provide meaningful and engaging content so that visitor spends more time on a web page.
• Responsive web design allows for increased audience reach through multiple devices.
• Focus on quick loading web pages.
• Pop-up ads do nothing but irritate the users. Get rid of them.
If you’ll plan your SEO strategy with these points in mind, you’ll definitely succeed in your endeavours.

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