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7 reasons why to upgrade from magento 1 to 2


The E-commerce landscape keeps on changing with time. Because of this, old technologies no more hold the same value; they just called out of the ark. A similar scene happened with the Magento 1 when its latest version took entry. Magento 1 is the clear winner when it comes to maximum flexibility. But there are still some parameters on which it needs to be more extreme for better customer experience. Well! Magento 2 is here to fill those gaps and designed to shape the E-commerce businesses, be it large, medium, or small.

The End of Magento 1 support is leaving the online retailers to decide whether to migrate or upgrade their existing store. Most of the Magento E-store owners have transformed into new versions and started with Magento Website Development Toronto, but a few are still confused. That is why we are describing the proven benefits of Magento 2 upgrade so that merchants can understand why they should shift from the old version.

Here are a few benefits of Magento 2 migrate or upgrade:

Delivers Faster Performance On The Web

The new version of Magento is never going to disappoint your customers in any way because it is faster in terms of performance. By allowing the customers to load the website pages quickly in seconds, Magento 2 helps businesses experience more sales. It takes hardly 1 to 2 seconds for full-page catching and 5 to 10 seconds for non-catching pages. Plus, the catalog pages on the store can are easy to handle without compromising with the speed.

Better Admin User Interface For Business Effectiveness

The admin user interface of the latest Magento 2 is more user-friendly and designed to deliver enhanced usability. Equipped with customizable features so that admins can easily manage their stores. From adding products, accepting orders, to maintain customer data, one can do in quick minutes without any hassle. Another impressive thing about the Magento 2 is that it allows admins to go with drag-and-drop editing of layout, which means modifying the store’s look without working on complex coding.

The Checkout Process Is More Streamlined And Smoother

When customers arrive on the E-commerce site, they aim for a smooth checkout process. Magento 2 fulfils this requirement because it does not include unnecessary steps in the checkout procedure. Unlike in Magento 1, this new version has only two steps instead of six. Moreover, unregistered customers can also take full advantage of this feature. Thanks to the instant purchase module inside the Magento 2 that enables retailers to place the orders faster without finishing checkout from start to finish.

Equipped With Enhanced Security Features

Almost every e-commerce business is a target of the hacker because it has sensitive payment information of customers. Moving your E-commerce platform to Magento 2 helps make your business more secure than ever. Carries enhanced security features, this latest E-commerce platform ensures no fake logins made by any unauthorized access. The most significant security features of Magento 2 are:

The hashing algorithms (SHA-256) used in password management are strengthened, help secure the customers and admins.

Magento 2 has flexible file permissions that make easier to protect sensitive information inside the systems.

It is crucial to maintain security updates regularly. This Magento version ensures the platforms get a timely update to keep their data safe.

Combined With Mobile Compatibility & Readiness

People often make use of their smartphones to shop online. Unfortunately, only a few stores are mobile-friendly, and it is difficult for the customer to click on links as they are too small to view on the screen. Magento 2 has changed the whole scenario as it is successful in making stores mobile compatible. It further helps in putting a significant impact on business sales. Along with this, the themes of Magento 2 designed responsibly so that they perfectly fit every mobile screen with a similar look.

Advanced SEO Features To Drive More Traffic

A properly optimized website is key to drive more traffic. The E-commerce web platform Magento 2 is designed with SEO in mind. It offers retailers all more advanced SEO features that help them remain ahead of their rivals. Merchants can now create SEO friendly URL structures, optimize XML sitemaps, use marketing features to grow their Google rankings.

Empowered With Smart Search Option

Magento 2 welcomes retailers with intelligent search options. It offers merchants with the filtered search so they can provide products the customers interested to buy. This new version also saves the time of retailers by making them get all the information at one place like the most viewed products, last orders, to top search.

It is the right time to shift to Magento 2 as it offers incredible benefits to E-commerce store owners. If you are looking for new E-Commerce Website Development Toronto, then do not think twice to pick this improved E-commerce website platform. Hurry up! hire the best team of Magento developers today.

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