Website Development

Website Design Team Planning navigation for the site

Why Website Navigation Is So Important?

Website navigation is usually a collection of links are placed on your website. It can make a huge difference between a visitor spending 30 seconds or more on your website. Website navigation works like a road map. If it is simple and clear, it is easy for visitors to follow

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WordPress SMTP Configuration - Mail Delivery Process

Configure WordPress to Send Email Using SMTP

Are you having trouble with emails on your WordPress site? There can be many reasons for errors that you can get while receiving and sending emails. Most of them can be solved with SMTP configuration. We will, therefore, show you the step-by-step guide to configure SMTP in your WordPress site.

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Stripe Payment

How to configure Stripe in WordPress?

Stripe is a very popular payment gateway around the world. It helps businesses take any type of payment on their websites. From subscriptions to recurring billing; it can do all.  With Stripe you can collect customers’ payment information easily and securely. It is compatible with all devices such as desktops,

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Top Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2019

The centuries’ long pursuit to build up the machinery and software with the human-like aptitude makes nearer to the realism. Scientists make the intellectual machines that can reproduce the way of thinking, expand the understanding, and permit the computers to reach the objectives, moving nearer to imitating the human thought

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How can you create Custom Post Type in WordPress?

WordPress is often confused as a blogging platform but there is more to it than meets the eye. Over the years, WordPress evolved into a content management system. Through this you can create custom content type which is referred as Custom Post Types. Let’s see how you too can create

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Add Navigation Menu To WordPress in 3 Easy Steps

Many WordPress themes have pre-defined menu, locations and layouts. You can easily create custom navigation menus in these themes as well. In this blog, we will share how you can effortlessly add more navigation menus in your WordPress theme. Step 1 – Create a Child Theme You’ll need to create

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