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Website Ranked on Google

How to get your website ranked higher on Google?


Improving Google rank doesn’t depend only on the money you put for your site but also on the time and strategy. Without any lead generation, nobody can find you and if they do, there is only a 30% chance of getting clicked. Thus, being on the first page is crucial to get noticed by your potential customers and improving SEO is a conscious effort.

There are a few ways you can increase the rank of your website on Google searches:

High quality content

If you haven’t been updating your website, you probably are lagging in the SEO ranking. One thing to remember is content is the king and it isn’t going anywhere.To drive more traffic you need to increase the popularity of your website, you need a high quality, relevant content so your visitors can return every time. There is no substitute for great content. It is important that you have good web content intended for your users.

The first thing you need to do is identify the keyword phrases for each page and target accordingly. Once you have zeroed in on a keyword, repeat this phrase throughout the page at least four times. Another thing you can do is use heading tags (H1 and H2) and highlight these keywords. One thing to remember here is not to sacrifice your good content for SEO. The content is written for the users and not for search engine.

Increase the loading speed

Think about the time when you were browsing something on the internet and the site you want to view was taking forever to load. What will you do? Like most people, you would’ve moved on to another website.

Slow loading sites can be annoying for your users and if too slow, Google will lower the rank too. This leads to a lot of negative interactions, hurting your rank even further. The slower the site the higher the abandonment rate but how slow is too slow? If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load than the abandonment rate is about 40%. On the flip side, a fast loading page will increase the users and this, in turn, will help you with your ranking as well.If you want to test the speed of your website, use tools like Pingdom or Gtmetrix.


Metadata is information or data about the contents of your page. For a CMS site, you will need:

Title Metadata

This is the page titles displayed at the top of a browser window and also is present within the search engine results. This is the most essential metadata on your page.

Description Metadata

This is a description on your site’s window display. A good meta-description must include keywords and be about 180 characters long. Not all search engine use meta description but it can be important to give it options.

Keyword Metadata

As said earlier, keyword phrases can help your website get searched by a search engine and get up to 6-8 phrases.

Employ Link Building Strategies

Structured Citations

Structured citations means that the business is listed in an online directory. This helps in increasing the exposure and domain authority of your site. It is important that you be consistent with the formatting. This includes business name, address, and phone number

Unstructured Citations

Unstructured citations include classified ads, press release, etc. These links are important as they let Google know that they are talking about your business to get the unstructured citations.

Get Reviews

The best way is to ask customers to leave a review of your business.

Submit Press Releases

If your business has news to share whether it is about new services, products or so on, then draft a press release.

Use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn gives your business the exposure within and outside of your industry.

Use Blogs

Creating blogs and guest posts gives your business more unstructured citations. This encourages the users to visit your site with the help of the information given.

Create a Mobile App

This may sound bizarre but a mobile app can actually help boost your website’s SEO. Mobile App may sound expensive but if you think about it, it is more of an investment.It automatically becomes a valuable resource when your app pops on the first page on a Google search. Thus, in the long run, a mobile app can help your website rank higher.


Search engine optimization is something that your website needs to get a higher rank and if you have just started to focus on SEO, it’s definitely a good time to start and get ahead. To help validate your SEO strategy, Enterprise Web Cloud monitors your site’s result and check its traffic. This will further help you reach towards the top search results on Google.

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