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Custom Website Development

Why Custom Website Designs are good investment?


Custom Website Design

A great looking and professionally satisfying website is the ultimate necessity for any business to flourish. But one might think if it’s worth making an investment. Most people take the easy way out. So many free and ready to use web templates are available, they are sure to mess with your perception. Why to invest more money in a Custom Website Design  when you can develop one yourself on pre-baked templates? Well, here’s why.
Even though a ready to use web template might seem a great idea in the beginning, it’s nothing more than a regretful decision a few months later. When you lose out on opportunities and business you could have landed easily if you had opted for a custom website from the start. What a custom developed website offers in terms of functionality and user experience cannot be surpassed by the easy way out. In this article, we’ll discuss how a Custom Website Design and Development proves to be a good investment option for the long run.

A custom made website is definitely unique when it comes to layout, graphics and overall presentation. Such a website adheres to user’s memory easily. A website should encapsulate your business and vision in the most efficient way and that’s only possible with a custom website design.

Flawless Coding
When you build on a ready to use template, you have absolutely no idea what lies behind the scenes. If the coding is flawless or vulnerable, there is no way to know. But with a custom website, you can be assured that coding is done from scratch. Style languages like HTML and CSS bring about interesting layouts and page styles while server side scripting languages like PHP and Python bring about increased features of website. Moreover, a fast loading website due to dedicated hosting is always a welcome feature which is much appreciated by users. On the other hand, good luck getting a fast loading website with free template designs.

Significant Online Presence
Even after all this, if you still decide to go with free web templates, there are rare chances that your website achieves a good ranking in Google’s search results. The reason is quite obvious. There is no onsite or offsite SEO in place. You cannot expect a free template website to be SEO friendly. A lot goes behind the scenes to improve ranking of a website which is particularly work of a professional SEO team. With a free template web design, you don’t get that.

No Tech Support
In case of free template design, you don’t have access to much resources if any issue develops with your website. But with a custom developed website, you get complete and dedicated tech support. A glitch free website always attracts more visitor traffic and ensures better user experience.

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