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Why is Website Design important for business?


When your website is up and running, the objective is to sell your product or services, and that happens only when you provide a great experience for your customers to buy or shop with you. Your website is the most vital tool to establish a meaningful digital existence. And the website design has a profound impact on the way the credibility and quality of your business are perceived. 

A study found that first impressions of a business gauged through a website are 94% design related. Web Design Brampton is all about fine-tuning each element on a page to enrich the user experience. It determines whether a visitor continues navigating a website or bounces away looking for another. The key is to make it memorable and appealing for each visitor. 

Let’s break it down into simpler terms. A great majority of visitors attach considerable importance to the design of your website. When we say design, you may think, “so a beautiful-looking website! But isn’t beauty subjective?” There indeed are no universal standards of beauty, and people’s preferences are fabricated around highly subjective elements. Here when we say design, we are talking about a broader term. 

A good website design is consistent with its graphics and creates a sense of familiarity among the users. It is responsive and assures the same level of experience irrespective of the screen size on which it is being displayed. When a navigator lands, they should be able to navigate your web pages like the captain of a ship, with every call to action at appropriate places last but not least, it should be attractive and aesthetically pleasing. 

You may be someone who already has a website, fiddling with the question of whether or not they should upgrade their website design or someone for whom these are uncharted waters and are confused if you should invest in a professional website design. 

Design is responsible for keeping the viewer’s attention. Studies show that a webpage has less than 3 seconds to make an impression and the page has only 12 seconds to meet a viewer’s needs. The design is what catches the viewer’s eye and keeps them interested. A good design sends a message regarding the company’s personality, credibility, and the way they do business. It also acts as an opportunity to get an insight into your visitors, build empathy and access them emotionally and increase the appeal of what you offer. 

You may have everything a user needs, a website, best-in-class services, top-quality products, and assurance of a good customer experience. But what good will it do if your website takes eons to load or the users don’t even come across it? The way people access the internet these days, they want to access everything immediately. It means that if your website does not load quickly enough or they do not come across it in the first few scrolls, they abandon you and go to your competitor’s website. Not ideal! Right? Search Engine Optimization helps accelerate page speed and positively impacts website ranking. In simple words, choose the right website design so that you don’t lag long enough to chase your visitors away. 

The user experience of your website determines the conversion rate of your business. Website visitors should be attracted to the website layout and interested in reading the content. It could be as simple as simplifying the site structure or adding actionable elements like including freebies or downloadable content, but these seemingly minor details bridge the gap between a stranger and a customer. 

Having a website is of great significance for any business. But without strategy-based web designs, sub-par user experience, and functionality, the consequential high bounce rate and low conversions will leave you with deserted pages and no customers. If you are looking for Website Design Services Brampton, then look no further.  Enterprise Web Cloud is known for creating customized web designs tailored to fit the unique preferences of your business. We do not believe in one-size-fits or the cookie-cutter approach. Rest assured, we go to great lengths to individually design each element of your website. All our websites are mobile-ready, working seamlessly on any smartphone or tablet. Each one of them is visually appealing and functional and will help turn your website visitors into paying customers. 

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