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Why Website Navigation Is So Important?


Website navigation is usually a collection of links placed on your website. It can make a huge difference between a visitor spending 30 seconds or more on your website. Website navigation works like a road map. If it is simple and clear, it is easy for visitors to follow and understand your website.
Having complex website navigation leads to a higher bounce rate on your website. If a website visitor can not navigate a website easily, most likely, they may not decide to continue your website. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper planning website navigation to provide a good user experience. We will, therefore, clarify exactly what should be considered for website navigation.
Well-planned navigation can be effective in gaining your audience’s interest in the website. Here are a few reasons to have well-planned and easy navigation on your website.

1. Increased Duration of Visit and decreased Bounce Rate

Website navigation should be easy to understand and use. It will increase the total amount of time that visitors spend on your website. If website visitors can find the different parts of the website easily; they will most likely stay longer on your website. Thus, the website bounce rate is decreased.

2. Increased Chance of Sales

If visitors are staying longer on your website, they have more time to get exposed to your services or products you sell. Therefore, this can lead to more sales for your business.

3. Improved User Experience

Easy-to-use navigation can make the user’s experience more enjoyable. There are higher chances that Therefore, visitors will be most likely to spend more time on your website. They will revisit your website if they had a good experience.

4. Good Design Principle

A good website design Toronto and navigation go side by side. A navigation style can guide the visitors in the right direction on your website. Therefore, your website navigation must fit well with the website design. If navigation bars are placed in the middle of a webpage; these are very difficult for visitors to locate. An organized, standardized, and uncluttered navigation can increase the overall aesthetic look of the website design

5. Short and To-The-Point

These days, people like to do everything fast. If navigation bars are clear, people can easily and rapidly access the information/products/services that are required.

So what type of navigation works best for your website? Few questions can help you choose the best style.

1. What kind of services or products do you sell?
2. How can you organize these products or services?
3. Can you group your services/products?
4. How many sections do you need for services/products?
5. Who is your target audience?
6. How many titles can you have on the menu?
7. Is navigation compatible with mobile devices?

Knowing all these questions can help you plan your website navigation easily and effectively.

What makes good website navigation?

There is no one-size strategy that can fit all. Although, there are three key factors that you must consider every time you are planning for your website navigation.

  • Your business – What is your industry?
  • Your goals – What your business goals are?
  • Your audience – Who is your target audience.

What kind of experience do you like to have on the website? Use can use all this information to plan and design the navigation on your website. The general rule of thumb is, that simple is the best. With simple navigation using the clutter-free menu, call-to-actions allow visitors to find their way effortlessly and speedily. Being consistent on the website is also very important. This can provide a better user experience to website visitors. Your website’s ultimate goal is to get more conversions. Website navigation and design should be able to convert a casual website visitor to a lead/customer. This conversion point can be reached using a well-designed call-to-action.

Call to Actions: A call to action button or line of text that can prompt your website traffic to take a certain action. Some of the examples are “buy now”, “contact us”, and “get a quote”. A good call to action should create a sense of urgency so that people can an action. Following are a few examples of good site navigation.

Examples of Good Website Navigation

1. Enterprise Web cloud

This website clearly shows the call to action on the screen. A clutter-free and easy to the accessible menu can guide the website visitors in the right direction.

2. Belisa Pizza

This website is another great example of clear site navigation. It clearly shows all the deals and specials on the main page. ‘My Belisa Points’ button on the top easily allows a website user to access their account.

3. Deals By Post

Deals by Post is also a great example of easy and clear site navigation. This website had two major categories which are ‘Jewelry’ and ‘Lingerie’. For each category, a ‘Shop Now’ button pops up on the screen when you hover the mouse over the banner.

Site Content

Make sure that you are using proper keywords and specific terms that the website visitor is looking for. Additionally, making proper use of heading and subheadings is also crucial. Always use clear and stimulating content, yet in brief language. Clear site content is very important for good website navigation.

Additional Tips

Additional Tips: You can follow the three-second rule on the website. Usually, website visitors take an average of three seconds to decide whether the website is convincing or not. Here are a few things that you can keep in mind.

• Make use of white space
• Use bold fonts, points, and vibrant images
• Well designed graphics

Summing Up!

In a nutshell, good website navigation is helpful to boost your website conversions and get more leads and sales. Keep all these guidelines on your mark when you plan your website navigation.
Still unsure? If you want us to plan or improve your website navigation, contact us. We can help you plan your website for the next-level business.

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