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Why Your Website Needs to be SSL Certified?


The traffic on internet has increased than ever. If you want your website to reach maximum people, there is a need to secure your website. For securing your website, it requires an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer; it is a technology that encrypts communication between a web server and a browser. It is really important to get the safety certificate to ensure that the data of your website is not leaked anywhere and is transferred via a secure network. Earlier, when the internet was not jammed with millions of websites, getting an SSL Certificate was paid and pricey, however, now many providers give SSL Certificate for free though for only 3 months. Despite all this, there are still developers and some organizations that do not adopt because of its price and lack of knowledge.

Below are the reasons in detail as to why the site has to be secured with SSL Certificate:

1. Protects Your Sensitive Data:

This is the primary reason for securing your website. SSL is a global standard security technology that encrypts your data. The sensitive data like email id, card details, addresses and any personal information can be misused by any hacker. Not only this certificate secures your site but also its subdomains. All you have to do is pay a small amount annually and get the security of a lifetime. However, if you encrypt using free authentication providers then it will last only a few months.

2. Improves Search Engine Ranking:

For any website to reach people it is important to come in the top browsing lists of Google. In recent years, Google has started giving priority to secured websites, hence gives better ranking. It is also important to know, Google also starts giving red flagship whenever a user opens an unsecured website. Therefore, a transition from HTTP to HTTPS is really important if you want to come to the good server lists of Google.

3. To Gain Trust of your Customers:

If you are thinking of making an e-commerce website, then you cannot ignore the security padlock. As mentioned earlier, Google warns a browser regarding the website if it is not secure. Thus, a customer will never put his or her trust in a website which itself is not secure because in this digital world a customer does online transaction however, he cannot take the risk of losing all he has because of lack of security offered by your website. A user can check the secured website through SSL Certificate Checker and even can see the padlock in URL bar.

With the advantages being said, it is clear why to put a security lock on your website. Although money can be an issue, security must be your priority. You can get an SSL certificate from your web host if it provides, otherwise, you can even get it from some other authentication sources. If you have a big company of then you can even get an EV Certificate which even shows a green bar in the URL which ultimately earns more trust of customers or users.

Therefore, take advantage and count yourself in the good names of Google by getting an SSL Certificate. We at Enterprise Web Cloud provide end-to-end encryption and make sure to secure your website by getting an SSL Certificate that lasts a lifetime.

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